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Clueless Frouis XVI and More-y Antoinette Continue To Disregard And Disrespect the Danes In Their Eternal Quest To Fill Internal Voids With Booze & Blondes (Him) and Prada & Louboutin (Her)

What a couple of fuckwits, these two. They are being called out - again, like before, and at another time - on their vapid disregard for any standards of decency and propriety by spending the Danish treasury on whatever meets their immediate whim, and this time the whole family is being taken to task. Something is brewing in our beloved Denmark. None of this crap happened before MoreMore came on the scene!

In the new book 'Det koster et kongerige' ('It Costs A Kingdom'), the Danish Royal Family is being called out for the lavish spending that they do and the unbelievably fast and loose tit-for-tat relationships they have with Danish business elites. And they are so blatant about it! Lego CEO Keld Kirk Christiansen was in the back of the silly log ride at Legoland with the Derfies last summer, and judging by the look on Yrma La Douche's face, ensuring some very tasty goods:

Here in the first article they are being called out and told to learn to say no and to send back gifts. Ugh, Mary actually sent back a freebie Chanel bag and requested one in a different colour! BOGAN! The next article talks about how Mary was stoic at her Netwerk/anti-loneliness seminar at a high school recently. These two are going to bring down the monarchy with their spending. It's the only thing that gets them in hot water. Go, Danish press, go!!!

Article: BT

Frederik and Mary Must Learn To Say No Thank You

Frederik and Mary are worth millions in publicity value for the companies, but the royals have to be careful not to take too many gifts, says an expert.
When our Crown Princess jumps in the most expensive Danish designer, there is often talk about clothes she has been given by companies who want to promote their clothes.
The same is true when her husband goes aboard his sailboat, or as royal couple rolled their newborn twins round in exclusive Odder pram.
A new book focuses on the rain of gifts that constantly flows from the royal family. Especially royal couple welcomes donations of everything from diapers, clothes for travel and expensive cars.
It describes journalist Jens Høvsgaard in the book 'It costs a kingdom,' which has just been published.
But the royals have to be careful not to take too many gifts, and for the most part, they actually say a polite no thank you.
It considers CEO of branding firm Lead Agency, Kresten Schultz Jorgensen.
"They must say no to more than they say yes. There must be many returned gifts.
And perhaps more than there are today", he says.
For it is not always the giver giving away gift without expecting anything in return when business takes expensive consumer goods after the royal.
It is a very good business for companies, if they can get the Crown Princess to go in their clothes, or if Frederik sits behind the wheel of their car.
"It's branding at the highest level.
When someone recommends your product by using it, it's an advertising value that can not be bought for money", says Kresten Schultz Jorgensen, adding:
"This is not about price or value in use. It's about signals and identity. And here is the very best benchmark which other people who also use the product. Monarchy is characterized by the fact that they can not be forced upon a particular brand, and therefore it is also amazing that sometimes it is possible anyway", he says.
Sune Bang, Director of Communications Office Copenhagen explains why it is particularly attractive for companies to give gifts to the royal family.
"The Royals value is the pinnacle of famous people. You do not get higher. And there are many who follow what they do. Some of those who give gifts, do so because they support our community building. And then there's the other part that matters is that you want to participate in something that is attractive.
You become a part of their history", says Sune Bang.
Remember to say no!
But where is the limit? Running the risk of the royal not to be accused of bribery, if they accept too generous gifts?
Here are the two communications experts do not agree.
Sune Bang is convinced that members of the royal family understand the boundary.
"I think the royal family is very conscious of not being excited for some vehicles. Royal Family do balance very professional. They appear either too poor or too extravagant.
I do not know that they have abused their position or use a power power."
"They have a good, healthy and Danish approach to their exalted status", says Sune Bang and stresses, "both financially and emotionally to the royal family pays.
It makes life more fun for all of us, and commercially, I'm not a second of doubt that the Crown can pay off."
Kresten Schultz Jorgensen is a little more critical of the gift of rain in the royal family, and he points out that members of the royal family must be extremely conscious of the boundary.
"The limit goes to where it is no longer a gift but they are included in a marketing plan. There they will say no thanks. I am not in favor of the Pope to be more pure than any other. It is clear that they sometimes are abused and say yes to something they should have said no to. Here, the same rules apply as for ministers: That they should be above companies marketing budgets."

Article: BT

Mary Silent About The Royal Book

Normally, Crown Princess Mary is always ready to answer press questions when she is on an official mission for one of its protectorates or the Mary Foundation.

But Thursday it was a silent Mary who hurried past the press and into the silver Audi with bright leather trim as she left Falconer farm High School. Mary had visited the school on the occasion of the Mary Foundation's initiatives on loneliness among young people. The school has implemented the foundation project at the school, so none of the high school students should feel outside the community or lonely.

Ignored questions

But when would like hear how Mary is related to the new book, 'It costs a kingdom', where the royal family is being criticized for receiving expensive gifts and holidays from wealthy Danish business people, it was obvious that the otherwise press friendly Mary was not at all prepared to answer questions from the press. At all.

Instead of stopping to answer questions, which she has the habit of doing, Mary stared stiffly in front of her and ignored all questions from the press present people until she had come to take shelter in Audi.

In Jens Høvsgaards book, 'It costs a kingdom' ask the author is critical of the royal family members having received jewelry, designer handbags, fashion clothing, prams for several hundred thousand kroner from companies such as Georg Jensen, the company behind Odder pram, Hermés and Copenhagen Fur.

He is also close to accusing business people such as Keld Kirk Christiansen of the Lego Group, Jørgen Mads Clausen and Frank Uhrenholt of bribing the royal family with royal gifts.

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The Nutcracker: Daisy Tries Her Best, But Can't Make Grandchildren Behave, Son Happy Or Vile Australian Daughter-in-Law Go Away

Daisy takes her oldest son, his wife-bot, their oldest two kids, her bien-aimée daughter-in-law Marie with Joachim's two oldest sons to the Tivoli theatre where her own designs for the Nutcracker are currently on show. Well, it was an effort, a nice one, to keep introducing her grandchildren to the joys of the theatre, but it may have ended up showing how dysfunctional and divided the House of Daisy really is.

On the heels of the spat between Mary and Marie, both ladies were present. Marie looked sexy and cheerful has she entered the theatre holding the hands of her step-sons. While Nikolai looks about 10 minutes away from being too over these 'happy family' shenanigans, he and Felix seemed well-behaved and how nice that they have a large, loving family to go between. Kudos to Joachim, Alex, Marie and Martin!

Fred looks dead. The Derf Man does try with his dandy-ish purple velvet blazer and festive scarf, but he's out of touch and just trying to hang on. What doesn't anyone in Denmark want to see him healthy and happy!?! Christian looks medicated, but maybe that's how they have to roll with that one.

Which brings us to darling Izzy and her refusal to obey her mother-thinggie. OK, Iz, we're on your side and know that she is a PILL, but you must one day soon learn that acting up will make it worse and true, proper princess behaviour is something that your MoreMore would never be able to call you on. Mares just gets her revenge through the little girl's wardrobe. Is Izzy wearing spats? What ugly booties! Except for a nice coat - not properly closed, as with Mary - and gloveless - again, unlike Mary, Izzy looks her usual shade of Cosette.

"Listen, missy, I want to see a smile on your face right this instant! You're blowing it for me!"


Photos: Michael Stub

Yrma in a Sad Race For Skinniest With Kate Middleton While Her Husband Shrivels Into a Tiny Pile of Useless Carbon Matter

Don't expect Yrma La Douche to see the irony. The Mary Fund started a project called "Netwerk" to alleviate loneliness in children. So why is she so good at further alienating her husband, a person one is supposed to unconditionally love and support, in good times and in bad? Answer: she isn't. And this initiative by the Mary Fund is well spotted, but what happens to all of these other Mary Fund ideas that have a huge kickoff then we hear nothing else about them? Hopefully, they are able to stay strong with some money that the fund has given them, but how do we know? And if they are successful, then why doesn't Mary visit them more often and show her support and approval? This gal was no PR guru back in Oz!

Meanwhile, she struts into this school in one of the most hideous miss and match outfits she's ever worn. Is she trying to impress teenagers with some ill-begotten idea of hipster style? Joisuz, more than three shades of blue, ill-fitting trousers badly paired with bright blue suede pixie boots and her usual weirdo combination of a long blouse under a shorter jacket. All she's showing them is how lots of money and lots of shopping time doesn't impress them, nor does it fill Madam's own lonely void. How skinny is Miss Thing? Her face shows the result of extreme dieting, plus marital stress - pale, wan, dead. Take your Fund's medecine, Mary. Fix your self and your own family before you start trying to swan for the cameras help others.

Video: YouTube

Article: DR

High Schoolers Are Fighting Loneliness

Loneliness can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
When you feel alone, we find ourselves stressed and upset. And it is dangerous for the body. And the lonely also have difficulty getting an education or a job. It reinforces their loneliness, because they do not get out among other people.
Therefore, there is good reason to help the people who have it hard and not feel they have someone to talk to.
A survey shows that six percent of all high school students feel lonely and more than 60 percent of young people are afraid of being lonely. 37 percent believe that their loneliness is due to lack of confidence, and that they do not feel able to do something.
The Crown Princess Mary Foundation's Youth Think Tank has looked closely at young people and their loneliness.
Since summertime, 17 schools have been working on preventing loneliness through the project Netwerk. Netwerk creates a community in the classroom so that all students take responsibility for ensuring that all is well. And that no one feels left out. It's going really well. And from next school year to several colleges ahead with the project. Jonathan knows all about how loneliness can ruin your life. He had to stop going to high school because of the very absence. He got the first track of his life when he found out that he was lonely.
He then began to come in one of the meetings. And there he found out that other young people also felt lonely.
Ventilen has 14 venues in Denmark, where the shy young or lonely between 15-25 years can meet other young people.
"Everyone is aware that here we are, because we are either lonely or shy, so there are no expectations or requirements in a single, you meet just up", says Jonathan to DR's youth program Cross. Today, Jonathan is 22 years old, and has a high school diploma.
And he no longer feels lonely or outside the community.
Ventilen stands with the Mary Foundation behind the project Netwerk at high schools today with the Mary Foundation and Ventilen at Falkonergården High School in Copenhagen. There they will talk about how things are going on with Netwerk. And they hope that even more schools will join the project.

Photos: Linda Johansen, Polfoto/Keld Navntoft, Scanpix

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Exclusif! Carina Axelsson's Long Lost 2004 Point de Vue Interview To Set Her Up As Someone's - Anyone's - Royal Girlfriend!

Finally received! The 7-13 April 2004 issue #2907 of Point de vue, the French magazine of "les nouvelles heureuses et princières" (happy and royal news). This is the interview referred to on Royal Dish many moons ago (in addition to a Svensk Damtidning interview in late 2010 translated by Victory and a Billed Bladet interview in 2008). Carina was interviewed by Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre, a society girl from an old, noble family employed by the magazine as a gadabout girl reporter. Bet you anything that her connections (she speaks of them in this article) got her a 4 page spread in this weekly royalty magazine because they thought they could launch her into either a lucrative career, or into the arms of a royal boy. It worked - she met Gustav shortly after at a dinner party in Paris.

Carina & Nigel: The Beauty and Her Beast

He was born in France and is "so British". For his next adventures, obliging cordial relationships, Nigel, the little dragon prince of Hyde Park, goes to meet the sovereign of the Tuileries. Ex-model, Carina Axelsson has dropped everything to create him. Babar is getting a run for his money.
Photo caption: Carina, in a Chanel jacket and jeans in the Tuileries Garden. International by birth, she chose to live in Paris where she gave birth to Nigel, a little royal dragon who must learn to grow up and become brave. A new hero with a happy ending for children who are amateur historians.

Carina Axelsson has been carrying her little royal dragon around for almost five years. She defends him tooth and nail. "With Nigel, I'm a real mother hen. He's really my baby." A descendant of an illustrious scaly family, His Gracious Majesty Prince Nigel Arthur Alfred George has just been born. Who could resist the charms of this fearsome fire-breather and his very pretty creator? Half Mexican, half Swedish, Carina fed her imagination on flamboyant family myths. She speaks of her great-grandparents who literally loved each other to death. Of an orphan grandmother sent to a convent by uncles impatient to steal her land. And of a grandfather, a Mexican caballero who tore that beauty from the nuns for a handful of money, married her and gave her 12 children. She recounts Swedish forests and her childhood in the mountains of California. Her two donkeys April and Mojave, her mare Bonita, her dogs, her cats, her duck. Very early on, Carina felt like a foreigner exiled on American soil. The little girl took refuge in a teeming interior world, devouring Babar, the works of Astrid Lundgren and Beatrix Potter. She already dreamed about writing. "I would walk along with my notebook in my hand, the pencil in the air, desparate that I couldn't scribble a single line. Between us, during those years, I had nothing to say!"

Photo caption: One of the marked memories of Carina's childhood: when she met Mickey Mouse! On the right, the rabbit she designed for Christophe Robin, colourist to the stars.

As an adolescent, Carina didn't like going out. She continued to read, feverishly draw and play Mozart, Bach and Chopin for hours on her piano. She also began to discover Europe, the history of the old continent was fascinating to her. "Every week, I waited for the English magazine Country Life like communion bread. I was without a doubt the only person in California to adore it!" After high school, the young girl hesitated about which path to travel. "I had my dreams, but I didn't know how to make them happen. One day, a male friend took me forcefully to a casting call for models. At the time, it didn't interest me at all." Nonetheless, her success in San Francisco was immediate. At the end of a year, a New York agency called. Carina is not ready to forget her arrival in the Big Apple. The plane was late, her luggage was lost, she found herself in a sinister apartment with no hot water. But the next day, she had appointments with Conde Nast and bookings with Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Marie-Claire, the biggest titles you could work for. Carina had the wind in her sails and her heart as mast. "People always thought of me like a UFO. In New York, my difference became my strength. Nonetheless, I hated this job."

She decided to move to Paris. "I was right away very happy here. I was finally breathing that perfume of history that I'd always loved." Carina rented a piano, learned French from day to day and travelled throughout Europe by posing for photographers. But secretly she nourished other projects. For two years, she took evening classes at Ecole Boulle and became familiar with the applied arts: sculpture, design, drawing, painting. At the end of these courses, she decided she was done with fashion photography. "I didn't like this world where female complexes live. If you believe those people, then a new lipstick will make you feel different. That's completely false."


Carina decided to start again at zero and became an illustrator, producing invitations, programmes, and announcements but her budget was strained. To make ends meet, she doubled up on little jobs: "I did everything: babysitter, salesgirl, secretary, dog-walker (far from the nicest job)." One day, Christophe Robin, the colourist to the stars, asked her to design a little character to decorate children's shampoo bottles. Among six options Carina proposed, there was a little dragon, called to a greater future. "The day when I drew Nigel, everything became very clear, very fast." For another six months, she became the personal assistant to John Galliano. The designer appreciated her good taste, but he was less convinced by the organization of the person he called Cinderella. From this contact, Carina had a revelation. "By watching him work, I understood that with just one good idea, you could convince people as serious as Sydney Toledano and Bernard Arnault." She decides therefore to dedicate herself entirely to Nigel. All over again, it's lean times. The young woman faced almost universal incomprehension. "My friends said: Get married! Find a rich man! Afterward, you can always draw your books in your chateau on weekends." Happily, there was the support of regular French people, with their simple and spontaneous gestures. "So many people helped me! The café and the corner grocery, the cleaners, the bookstore gave me credit. Marianne Robic gave me flowers, Christophe Robin did my colour for nothing. Friends took care of my dog." When the phone rang from Assouline Editions, the young illustrator was making a final, desparate effort: "I didn't have any heat and I was in the process of selling my piano." Since then, Carina has been living the fairy tale, but for nothing in the world would she ever be delivered from the grip of her dragon!

Photos: Alexia S. for Point de vue

The Royal Hunt at Grib Forest: Freddles In the Grips of Death and His Mor Party With Henrik's Friends, Some Frenchy, Some Blood-lusty

From far right, Peter Zobel (father to Rigmor); behind the woman in the green scarf, Christian Schønau (Derf's secretary/babysitter); in the brown fur, Susan Astani, 27 years younger baby mama (learned How to Trap A Man 101 from Yrma) to the man on her right, Christian Kjær (rich lawyer/wind energy friend of Daisy & Henrik); holding his son Gaston, Prince Jean d'Orléans (French dauphin); to his right taking a photo, Prince Leopold of Bavaria.

The annual Royal Hunt in Grib Skov was held with a mix of Henrik's Danish and French noble friends, including the Duke and Duchess of Castro, the godparents of the twins and celebrants of Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad. Nice mix, continues the Danish royal tradition of hanging out with undesirable dictators. An elephant for Nicolae Ceausescu, the Dannebrog for the King of Bahrain (like Professor Jock "Half-Mast" Boganson), and the Miracle Twins with religious tutelage from a couple who gave blood-soaked Bashar Al-Assad the Grand Majesty of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. No sign of Yrma, but Daisy is getting awfully cuddly with widdle Fweddles. An attempt to buck him up (no pun intended) to do the same to Mary as was done to the deer and foxes found in Grib Forest, or to the people of Rumania or Syria? WEIRD family.

Photos: Keld Navntoft, Scanpix

Yrma in Mozambique: Sister Doesn't Disappoint! The Pricey Canon Camera Made Its Apearance in Mozambique Afterall!

As predicted, get ready for a future vernissage in Copenhagen of Madam MoreMore's photographs of The Brown Poors! Although a tussle could be in the works between Madam who would not deign to sell her photos and the Danish charity which would be brought in to sponsor such a show (read: pay for the gallery rental and champagne) for some proceeds. I can see Mary not thinking that the smelly masses aren't worthy of her "art", all the while realising in a wee back part of her brain that her "art" is crap and patronising and the height of the ugliness of white privilege. No, Mary thinks her days of selling herself are over. Ha! Might actually be a good nest egg to build up for the future divorcée that she will supplement with more Aussie product promotion (after Huggies, Dulux Paints, Jetstar, etc.)!

What a cringeworthy sight for both the Danish guests (well, some of them - there are other shutterbugs in their group) and the locals who are obliged to entertain these "off-duty" idiots. Mary's so transparent - how else to get the recording photographer to notice you except to dress as if she were shy and retiring in front of the camera. Hat, sunnies, check. Full-on Garbo gets the shutter clicking every time and Mary knows it.

How grostesque and colonial does Mary look, dragging her court and charity aides along with her, ready to be entertained by the locals. "Dance! Dance!" Shades of Leni Reifenstal in The Last of the Nuba (and beyond, chillingly)! These Danes are from the tip of society in one of the most wealthy and developed and civilised countries in the world, and here they are, allowing themselves to be fawned by the poor locals on a non-essential side-jaunt of their trip. It's all forced, unnatural and not spontaneous. How inappropriate and self-centred for Mary to parade around in her ridiculous get-up with a long lens camera ready to go (not to mention quite a padded bra). She doesn't even really bother to make sincere eye contact, relaxed body language or show human decency; she can't reciprocate the kind tolerance that her hosts show her. No, she just plasters on a fake smile, claps at people she thinks are silly and funny with their jumpy dancing, then leaves with a few key shots to entertain the masses generate more publicity for herself back home. This is how Madam sees poor, brown people: for entertainment purposes and to record, so that people back home can fawn over her just as Africans, in their infinite patience and kindness, must do for the visiting "princess". That is called using people without seeing their humanity. Most un-royal, Mary!

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Princess Marie Comes Into Her Own: Demonstrates Newton's Laws of Motion Against Bogan Mass Mary

Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite action; the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and directed in opposite directions. The two bodies in this case are Mary and Marie. As Mary goes south, Marie goes up up up!

Despite being pegged very early on - erroneously - as "Mary's twin", Marie is getting even more beautiful as time goes by while Mary ages into something akin to a royal Methuselah with her slack skin, unhappy marriage and load of younguns underfoot. Marie looks exactly like what she is: a woman in a happy, fulfilling marriage with two children she adores and a life that allows a nice balance of parenting and official duties. She had two high profile events just last week which allowed her to glow. What a professional! No wonder she sat right next to Daisy at the theatre during the dinner for entrepeneurs recently!

12 November, Kronborg Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Convention

According to the Danish Royal Website, "in connection with the celebration presented, the princess presented prizes to the winners of the school competition 'Legacy to the World - World Heritage for the Future'. The UNESCO Convention of 1972 aims to protect the world's cultural and natural heritage, and to mark the 40th year that the Ministry of Children and Education - in collaboration with the Cultural Agency under the Ministry of Culture launched the competition among the country's schools."

15 November, Hamburg, Germany, University Fair

HRH Princess Marie participated in the university education fair "Master and More" in Hamburg. The princess arrived at the fair with the Rector of the University of Southern Denmark, Jens Oddershede. Who wouldn't want to attend the University of Southern Denmark with this polished woman selling it to foreign students?

Photos: Jesper Sunesen, Billed-Bladet