Monday, November 5, 2012

Hubertus Hunt: Making The Case For The Glorious Schackenborgs Against Yrma's Lil' Hillbillies

Hunting season has begun in earnest in Denmark! Last week at a hunt in Jutland, host Freddles seemed to hold back tears from his male guests who - except for private secretary/babysitter Christian Schønau - seemed to come from his father's generation.

This past weekend, doting grandpère Henrik was assisted at the Hubertus Hunt north of Copenhagen by the gorgeous and well-mannered Prince Felix, fresh from his UNICEF event with mummy the other day, and the two oldest bogan royals from Derf and Yrma's inharmonious and shallow gene pool mash-up. Ugh. You can dress them in crazy expensive down coats like little adults, but a person's true nature and beauty shine through. Izzy looked like she was auditioning for Real Housewives of New Jersey's spin-off for daughters! This is not a pretty sight.

Perhaps reading the tea leaves and slipping on the trail of tears from his eldest son, Henrik was slyly helping to push the Schackenborg line to the fore in the public's mind by contrasting the elegant Felix against the Poltergeist pair with a porcine skin tone evoking Deliverance, with the manners and grooming of the Dumb and Dumber duo. For heaven's sake, poor little Izzy has at a very young age inherited her mother's droopy jowls! She needs a counter-acting dose of charm

Looks are not everything! Indeed, however, the manners, vanity and weirdness of poor Christian and Isabella in light of their parents' shortcomings and the recent death of dear mor-surrogate Tina don't exactly leave one relaxed about the Derfie Sluuurrrrrrrrpson family legacy. Cousin Guillaume of Luxembourg was so smart to learn from the brief but educational visits to his country by Derf's wife to understand that he needed to choose a wife from the area nobility, a woman who places more emphasis on intellectual, not sexual, exercises and has the social skills and non-Looker Me! instincts than only someone raised with high personal standards and self-respect can employ.

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  1. I never know if I should be laughing or crying when reading these posts. The Danish royals have got to be one of the longest running comic operas in Europe. So sad.

    Btw, Cece, I have to tell you, you outdid yourself with "Yrma Vep." I love it!

  2. Glad you got the joke, dear Autumn!
    ("The Mystery of Irma Vep" - vampires, a penny dreadful and high camp: that's our Yrma!)

  3. Felix is soooo handsome!!!
    Izzy needs a good hair brush!!

    Poor Tina! I feel for Fwerdy's kids the most. They just lost the most consistent mother figure in their life. Because mary only plays at being a mother when the cameras are rolling and clicking away. NarcissItic people like hillbilly Mary don't make good mummies