Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yrma in Mozambique, Day One: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

 "Hahahahahahaha. Oh, weeeee! Hahahahaha. So great. Is it over yet?"
The same ol' same ol' from Yrma when in Africa surrounded by people comfortable with touch: overcompensation with emotions to try and hide her discomfort and clothing that signals 'colonial cocktail and mingling hour' not 'let's get to business'. Day One in Mozambique was 9 November when she landed in Maputo and went off to meet the President, accompanied by her Africa stalwart Christian Friis-Bach who as Minister of Development, must travel with Madam on her vanity missions to Africa. Then in the evening, there was a reception hosted by the Danish Ambassador where Madam wore a low cut lacey evening dress. Two things stand out: the lack of real substance beyond the niceties of cocktail parties and the deep constrast between the needs on the ground in Africa and Mary's discomfort and refusal to bridge the real gaps between a gin and tonic at the Ambassador's residence and the efforts of locals to give weight to important causes in Mozambique. Let's see what the coming days can do to close this gap. Meanwhile, check out MoreMore's luxury accommodations! Nothing's too good for our bogan!


Photos: Torkil Adsersen/Scanpix 2012

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  1. It does it gets old, doesn't it?....What's the point of these rich royals making pretend-they-care trips to the poor parts of Africa?all while wearing expensive outfits that could feed an African village for years? Makes no sense ...they pat their backs pretend to look sad for them and then they go back to their rich life.
    The worse offender of this charade is clown Mary !! All royals make these I-feel-sorry -you're-not-rich-like-me trips but at least most look humble with humility and are genuine in their effort to connect. Mary doesn't give a hoot about making that effort. If the cameras are on she's there to play. Manic smile, swish and flick her hair, pose, pose. That's her tiresome childish MO ...
    She's just vile....!!

    ...Mary just thanks her lucky star she bagged a prince!! Look at the riches she's amassing by being Fredie's baby mama?! Don't tell me this gold-digging girl ain't loving this uber uber lifestyle and will just grit her teeth and suck it up while Fred continues to cheat on her bony tranny azzz! She's too greedy to just leave like any suffering, cheated-on wife would. She has no self-respect to just walk away...Gold diggers don't walk away, they dig their heels in more and cling on for dear life ...I mean where else would she get another rich lifestyle ? Back in toilet hobart? lmao !!!