Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Nutcracker: Daisy Tries Her Best, But Can't Make Grandchildren Behave, Son Happy Or Vile Australian Daughter-in-Law Go Away

Daisy takes her oldest son, his wife-bot, their oldest two kids, her bien-aimée daughter-in-law Marie with Joachim's two oldest sons to the Tivoli theatre where her own designs for the Nutcracker are currently on show. Well, it was an effort, a nice one, to keep introducing her grandchildren to the joys of the theatre, but it may have ended up showing how dysfunctional and divided the House of Daisy really is.

On the heels of the spat between Mary and Marie, both ladies were present. Marie looked sexy and cheerful has she entered the theatre holding the hands of her step-sons. While Nikolai looks about 10 minutes away from being too over these 'happy family' shenanigans, he and Felix seemed well-behaved and how nice that they have a large, loving family to go between. Kudos to Joachim, Alex, Marie and Martin!

Fred looks dead. The Derf Man does try with his dandy-ish purple velvet blazer and festive scarf, but he's out of touch and just trying to hang on. What doesn't anyone in Denmark want to see him healthy and happy!?! Christian looks medicated, but maybe that's how they have to roll with that one.

Which brings us to darling Izzy and her refusal to obey her mother-thinggie. OK, Iz, we're on your side and know that she is a PILL, but you must one day soon learn that acting up will make it worse and true, proper princess behaviour is something that your MoreMore would never be able to call you on. Mares just gets her revenge through the little girl's wardrobe. Is Izzy wearing spats? What ugly booties! Except for a nice coat - not properly closed, as with Mary - and gloveless - again, unlike Mary, Izzy looks her usual shade of Cosette.

"Listen, missy, I want to see a smile on your face right this instant! You're blowing it for me!"


Photos: Michael Stub


  1. Isabella is a strong-willed brat! Little diva in the making!
    Mary needs to pay her more attention. Isabella is acting out to get attention while both parents are in their own lala land!

    Big contrast to Marie and her step sons! at least some parts of the family are happy ...

  2. Jeeeesus is Daisy balding? The teeth, the hair...tis all a pity!
    Even more so with son Fred in zombie land...

  3. Why is it that every time I see Fred and Yrma with their kids I get depressed? They all look so miserable and unhappy-all the time-whenever they're together on a family outing.

    And for the love of all things holy, someone needs to get Fred some help. The guy is obviously having a mental and physical breakdown. Dragging him to the ballet and giving him a gun to kill deer are not going to help this guy. He needs medical help.

  4. Being yelled at in public in front of all those cameras ...nice job Mother Mary!! No wonder why Izzy is rebelling and acting out. Shaming her own daughter in public with so many eyes watching - Mary is an idiot!! She needs to work on the disciplining part at home and giving more attention to her kids at home.

    The kids are only used to the nannies anyway since Mary idiot is too busy flaunting here and there neglecting her kids. So when they're out in public Izzy especially is like: "Who are you again?? You can't tell me to behave now when you just let me run amuck at home!"
    The biiitch is so clueless!
    Parenting rules is about consistency. If kids are taught at home they will carry that in public and everywhere they go.
    Otherwise mary's brats would turn out to be these snooty, disrespectful monkeys to the very public that pays for their behinds !!!

  5. Blame Mary's input of ugly genes for how their kids look ... Your misfortune Fred! Except for Vincent - He looks like he might have some hope in the looks department but being ranked low in the succession line he won't matter as much.

    Now a combination of Katja and Fred would've yielded some stunning kids. What a weak-assed Fred not standing up to his mother to marry his true love!!

    don't start screaming in anger now. The world is superficial and looks do matter especially in royalty. People like looking at beautiful people. The internet has changed much of people's perception. And if we are going to be funding your frivolous lifestyle you better give us pretty stuff to look at ..HAHA!
    Unfortunately judging from Mary's family parade of ugliness, their poor kids didn't stand a chance.
    Josephine has her aunt Jane's horsey face. She has my total sympathy.