Wednesday, November 7, 2012

D'oh!: Dilating, Doddering, Doufy, Drugged Derfie-Denmark Does Disco Daisy Dodo Dinner, Dig?

"I just realised I have to spend the rest of my life with it!"
Lord have mercy. What is wrong with him? The cat is out of the bag, the emperor is butt nekkid and Denmark's foreseeable monarchal future is swirling down the drain of history along with the undrunk remnants of Henrik's swill de Cahors left untouched at the bottom of the dinner guests' crystal. Under the guise of entertaining Denmark's entrepeneurial elite at Fredensborg Palace, Daisy has (inadvertently or quite deliberately?) let down the side on her eldest son's, er, "condition". This bloke is a parady of a man, a shell of a human being, a carcass whose meat and offal has been completely eaten off the bone by its narcissistic bride thinking that is is made of beauty-enhancing gold, then left to bleach and wither in the sun.
Escorted by his wife-thinggie in skin-tight, stripper-preferred gold lamé (she is too arrogant to notice that with her genetics and bone structure she will not forever be able to maintain sample size), the Derf man was medically propped up enough to "enjoy" an evening with his family and peers for dinner and musical entertainment. Note that it is the lovely, glowing Princess Marie who is strategically placed at Daisy's right hand, with her capable husband at her own right hand. It is Yrma La Douche who is at the far end of the row, giving the stink eye to the help in the back row and incapable of seeing her husband-thinggie sitting between her and his rotund père. In fact, La Daisy looks rather relaxed and jubilant this evening in her red tunic and palazzo pants. Perhaps Daisy is employing her own method of "dropping her drops" as her mother Ingrid was skilled at doing, making it very clear through strongly symbolic gestures where her true feelings lie. Perhaps it had a little sumpin' to do with this yummy anecdote? Mwoah. Pas på, Yrma!
Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder
Article: BT

Fredensborg Palace was the backdrop, as the royal family on Tuesday evening invited a large number of leading entrepreneurs to a concert and dinner afterwards. Among those invited were Christian Stadil, owner of sports company Hummel, Morten Strunge, founder of the telecommunications company Onfone and architect Bjarke Ingels.

The royal couple wanted with the invitation to recognise entrepreneurship and to celebrate those who work to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark. In addition to the royal couple, the royal family was represented by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie.

Business Minister Annette Vilhelmsen (SF) and Research Minister Morten Østergaard (R) also attended the concert. Another of the invited was the founder of the IT firm Podio, Tommy Ahlers, who had been looking forward to meeting the Queen.

"I have already met Crown Prince Frederik, but not Queen Margrethe, so I am looking forward to that. It will be great to meet her." Tommy Ahlers is also pleased that the royal family is throwing a little attention to the Danish entrepreneur. "It's great to have some royal glamour with the entrepreneurs. It shows the trend that focuses on entrepreneurs, as those who must help to change Denmark."

The royal couple has over the years initiated a series of concerts at Fredensborg Palace. Different groups in society have been invited to these concerts, and have included representatives from business, education, research and science, as well as from the world of sports. The music at the concert was performed by young musicians and singers from the Royal Academy of Music.

Photos: Keld Navntoft, Scanpix


  1. Why does she always stand with her legs wide apart like that? Most unladylike.

    1. She, being a clown princess, tries to do a split to entertain the crowd.

  2. Wtf is wrong with Fred? Omg he's bloody well losing it! Is he on something here? Look at his dead glazed over eyes! My lord he needs help, some sort of treatment. But delusional Mary just keeps on pretending that everything in hunky dori. She's the queen of denial. Just keep showing those teeth, smile smile smile, think of all the Prada, the cushy rich life .... my poor Denmark may be stuck with this high spender, arrogant biaatch for a long time unless, unless, UNLESS Fred wakes up and finally has the balls to say enough is enough! Otherwise, MARY WILL NEVER RELINQUISH HER TITLE! She'll never walk away on her own....what and give up the good life paid for by the Danes taxpayers, the life that won't ever get her to pay any bills whatsoever ...Nope she'd rather have a miserable, fake marriage than going back to HOEBART. She's used to being a kept woman so will continue to put up with being cheated on and being humiliated. She'll look the other way while Fred steps out on her. What woman lets themselves be used that way? Only Mary the highest paying hooker there is!! Mary likes her rich gig too much to give up and find happiness with a man who adores her back. The stupid woman has no pride and self respect. Nope, the power of the unlimited amex is too strong to resist.
    And so on and on the sham of a marriage dawdles on ...

    .hey it's at least entertaining to watch. Mary never fails to make us laugh. She's a moron and we can't see that changing. The way she butchers Danish, forever carrying her pocket English-Danish dictionary around, ten years and she still can't speak Danish for isht! And she's no better at English either!! Her own mother tongue!! The language she was born into and she sounds pathetic. She's so inarticulate on her own! If it's not written down as a speech, Mary will speak like a bloody 4 yr old and in English too! YouTube is filled with her stupid interviews! And her pathetic accent and baby sounds she makes you just want to slap her!! We are being represented by the biggest moron ever! Do all Australians sound like this white trash? Well Im sure there are intelligent people in oz land, just not greedy Mary. Countess Alex speaks Danish fluently with barely an accent aaaaaand she also speaks dutch and German and English! All brilliantly! Marie speaks French, English, dutch and will for sure surpass Mary in Danish too!
    Why can't Mary be that smart? Because she's a selfish moron with no motivation to better herself. She's too enamored with the rich lifestyle she can't be bothered to learn Danish fluently. She only pretended in the beginning she was learning Danish but as soon as her foot was in the palace she didn't give a damn anymore. Why should she when she won her princely prize? After that her nose went sky high basically saying screw you Danes and your language...Well we say it doesn't matter what glittering lifestyle Fred is buying you Mary, to us you're just this gold-digging, manipulative, opportunistic HOEBART white trash with no manners...and forever you'll stay that way.

  3. Of course the Danish Royal Family needs to cosy up to the business community!! They need their cash flow to pay for Mary's closet full of expensive junk and high paying holidays. Somebody's gotta foot the bill, right?
    The grey men courtiers running the show think Danes are dumb! Ha but they're not...Danes deserve better!