Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yrma in a Sad Race For Skinniest With Kate Middleton While Her Husband Shrivels Into a Tiny Pile of Useless Carbon Matter

Don't expect Yrma La Douche to see the irony. The Mary Fund started a project called "Netwerk" to alleviate loneliness in children. So why is she so good at further alienating her husband, a person one is supposed to unconditionally love and support, in good times and in bad? Answer: she isn't. And this initiative by the Mary Fund is well spotted, but what happens to all of these other Mary Fund ideas that have a huge kickoff then we hear nothing else about them? Hopefully, they are able to stay strong with some money that the fund has given them, but how do we know? And if they are successful, then why doesn't Mary visit them more often and show her support and approval? This gal was no PR guru back in Oz!

Meanwhile, she struts into this school in one of the most hideous miss and match outfits she's ever worn. Is she trying to impress teenagers with some ill-begotten idea of hipster style? Joisuz, more than three shades of blue, ill-fitting trousers badly paired with bright blue suede pixie boots and her usual weirdo combination of a long blouse under a shorter jacket. All she's showing them is how lots of money and lots of shopping time doesn't impress them, nor does it fill Madam's own lonely void. How skinny is Miss Thing? Her face shows the result of extreme dieting, plus marital stress - pale, wan, dead. Take your Fund's medecine, Mary. Fix your self and your own family before you start trying to swan for the cameras help others.

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Article: DR

High Schoolers Are Fighting Loneliness

Loneliness can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
When you feel alone, we find ourselves stressed and upset. And it is dangerous for the body. And the lonely also have difficulty getting an education or a job. It reinforces their loneliness, because they do not get out among other people.
Therefore, there is good reason to help the people who have it hard and not feel they have someone to talk to.
A survey shows that six percent of all high school students feel lonely and more than 60 percent of young people are afraid of being lonely. 37 percent believe that their loneliness is due to lack of confidence, and that they do not feel able to do something.
The Crown Princess Mary Foundation's Youth Think Tank has looked closely at young people and their loneliness.
Since summertime, 17 schools have been working on preventing loneliness through the project Netwerk. Netwerk creates a community in the classroom so that all students take responsibility for ensuring that all is well. And that no one feels left out. It's going really well. And from next school year to several colleges ahead with the project. Jonathan knows all about how loneliness can ruin your life. He had to stop going to high school because of the very absence. He got the first track of his life when he found out that he was lonely.
He then began to come in one of the meetings. And there he found out that other young people also felt lonely.
Ventilen has 14 venues in Denmark, where the shy young or lonely between 15-25 years can meet other young people.
"Everyone is aware that here we are, because we are either lonely or shy, so there are no expectations or requirements in a single, you meet just up", says Jonathan to DR's youth program Cross. Today, Jonathan is 22 years old, and has a high school diploma.
And he no longer feels lonely or outside the community.
Ventilen stands with the Mary Foundation behind the project Netwerk at high schools today with the Mary Foundation and Ventilen at Falkonergården High School in Copenhagen. There they will talk about how things are going on with Netwerk. And they hope that even more schools will join the project.

Photos: Linda Johansen, Polfoto/Keld Navntoft, Scanpix


  1. And how does Mary fight her own loneliness when Derf runs off to play? Jealous and inner
    rage is Mary's natural weight loss.
    Playing the victim makes her look pitiful and desperate.
    This project like others before, won't have any lasting power to stay operational. Mary would just move on to her next publicity stunt/photo op!

  2. What rubbish is she telling the high school students here?!
    Bloody clueless witch!!
    She needs to just stick to speaking in English in public. That way she's not up there embarrassing Daisy and butchering Danish.

    Arggggg ship her back to toilet hobart already!!!

  3. This was days after hitting the bicyclist with her range rover, wasn't it?! Biiiitch smiling like it was nothing! If this was a regular person the cops would've all over this isht!
    Can you imagine Kate hitting a person? she'd be crucified and maligned in the media and with charges pressed. Mary mofo here just walked away with a smirk.
    Eff her stupid face!!

    She should be banned from driving on the streets of Denmark!!!!!!!