Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yrma in Mozambique, Day Two: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"I so cute!"
So, more of this happened. Still don't know what good Mary's visit is doing. She looks ordinary. She is not connecting to people, she is physically uncomfortable in the company of others. She is just clapping and trying not to touch. That is her Achilles heel and the reason why she will never be like Diana, or even make much of a difference. Her head isn't in the game, it's always thinking about a sexy new dress or how her hair looks or what angle the camera is catching her holding her head at. Next.

Photos: Torkil Adsersen/Scanpix 2012, Hanne Juul


  1. Why didn't you keep her there Mozambique? We don't want her in Denmark!
    Just pile on anything prada in front of her and she'll be happy!!!! Don't forget to Give her a steady diet of unlimited amex ... there, that'd make her eyes pop!!.
    Bleh... what sane country would want this greedy opportunistic, self absorbed witch? She's a fraud and phony!!! Period!

    Australia come take your white trash back!!! We gave her enough time to be something. But so far just nada. She pretends to do some charity work only to move on to the next when it doesn't garner her enough publicity. No consistency. Everything this woman does is only to promote her image. It certainly not because she loves us Danes. She thumbs her nose down on us for fcuks sake! We pay for her rich life and this is the thanks we get?! Biaatch!!!
    And another thing, she can't be that in love with Denmark when she doesn't even bother to learn our language! And she feels she's entitled to be our queen?! What a debacle. She's only in Love with our tiaras, MAGNIFICENT castles, the free travels, fine dining, designer wear - the kind of ostentatious lifestyle she could only read about in your womans day if she had just married a regular bondi surfer loser.

    So take her back Australia! We keep the kids. Easy enough as she already signed her rights away. What mother would do that, right? Just sign your kids away like they're some inane objects. Well, Mary of backward Hobart did in her post nup! So there's no fight there. We'll give her enough money to set up shop somewhere never to be seen again except for maybe when she's fleecing some sheep back there...whatever ..it's time for useless Mary to earn her keep....walk the streets if she has to...why not? She's been a kept woman all this time so it's no different than selling her droopy wares to others.

    Fred will survive. Plenty to take marys place. The bottom line is we will get our prince back. He's in a bit of a blah right now but what man wouldn't after being shot down so many times by the venom that's Mary Fraudeline? Always picking and nagging and befitting him and soon enough a man's gonna look elsewhere for affection.
    There's still potential in our future king. With the right woman by his side he will thrive. And Denmark our beloved monarch deserves to thrive and progress and prosper.

  2. Always picking and nagging and BELITTLING him and soon enough a man's gonna look elsewhere for affection.