Friday, November 30, 2012

Clueless Frouis XVI and More-y Antoinette Continue To Disregard And Disrespect the Danes In Their Eternal Quest To Fill Internal Voids With Booze & Blondes (Him) and Prada & Louboutin (Her)

What a couple of fuckwits, these two. They are being called out - again, like before, and at another time - on their vapid disregard for any standards of decency and propriety by spending the Danish treasury on whatever meets their immediate whim, and this time the whole family is being taken to task. Something is brewing in our beloved Denmark. None of this crap happened before MoreMore came on the scene!

In the new book 'Det koster et kongerige' ('It Costs A Kingdom'), the Danish Royal Family is being called out for the lavish spending that they do and the unbelievably fast and loose tit-for-tat relationships they have with Danish business elites. And they are so blatant about it! Lego CEO Keld Kirk Christiansen was in the back of the silly log ride at Legoland with the Derfies last summer, and judging by the look on Yrma La Douche's face, ensuring some very tasty goods:

Here in the first article they are being called out and told to learn to say no and to send back gifts. Ugh, Mary actually sent back a freebie Chanel bag and requested one in a different colour! BOGAN! The next article talks about how Mary was stoic at her Netwerk/anti-loneliness seminar at a high school recently. These two are going to bring down the monarchy with their spending. It's the only thing that gets them in hot water. Go, Danish press, go!!!

Article: BT

Frederik and Mary Must Learn To Say No Thank You

Frederik and Mary are worth millions in publicity value for the companies, but the royals have to be careful not to take too many gifts, says an expert.
When our Crown Princess jumps in the most expensive Danish designer, there is often talk about clothes she has been given by companies who want to promote their clothes.
The same is true when her husband goes aboard his sailboat, or as royal couple rolled their newborn twins round in exclusive Odder pram.
A new book focuses on the rain of gifts that constantly flows from the royal family. Especially royal couple welcomes donations of everything from diapers, clothes for travel and expensive cars.
It describes journalist Jens Høvsgaard in the book 'It costs a kingdom,' which has just been published.
But the royals have to be careful not to take too many gifts, and for the most part, they actually say a polite no thank you.
It considers CEO of branding firm Lead Agency, Kresten Schultz Jorgensen.
"They must say no to more than they say yes. There must be many returned gifts.
And perhaps more than there are today", he says.
For it is not always the giver giving away gift without expecting anything in return when business takes expensive consumer goods after the royal.
It is a very good business for companies, if they can get the Crown Princess to go in their clothes, or if Frederik sits behind the wheel of their car.
"It's branding at the highest level.
When someone recommends your product by using it, it's an advertising value that can not be bought for money", says Kresten Schultz Jorgensen, adding:
"This is not about price or value in use. It's about signals and identity. And here is the very best benchmark which other people who also use the product. Monarchy is characterized by the fact that they can not be forced upon a particular brand, and therefore it is also amazing that sometimes it is possible anyway", he says.
Sune Bang, Director of Communications Office Copenhagen explains why it is particularly attractive for companies to give gifts to the royal family.
"The Royals value is the pinnacle of famous people. You do not get higher. And there are many who follow what they do. Some of those who give gifts, do so because they support our community building. And then there's the other part that matters is that you want to participate in something that is attractive.
You become a part of their history", says Sune Bang.
Remember to say no!
But where is the limit? Running the risk of the royal not to be accused of bribery, if they accept too generous gifts?
Here are the two communications experts do not agree.
Sune Bang is convinced that members of the royal family understand the boundary.
"I think the royal family is very conscious of not being excited for some vehicles. Royal Family do balance very professional. They appear either too poor or too extravagant.
I do not know that they have abused their position or use a power power."
"They have a good, healthy and Danish approach to their exalted status", says Sune Bang and stresses, "both financially and emotionally to the royal family pays.
It makes life more fun for all of us, and commercially, I'm not a second of doubt that the Crown can pay off."
Kresten Schultz Jorgensen is a little more critical of the gift of rain in the royal family, and he points out that members of the royal family must be extremely conscious of the boundary.
"The limit goes to where it is no longer a gift but they are included in a marketing plan. There they will say no thanks. I am not in favor of the Pope to be more pure than any other. It is clear that they sometimes are abused and say yes to something they should have said no to. Here, the same rules apply as for ministers: That they should be above companies marketing budgets."

Article: BT

Mary Silent About The Royal Book

Normally, Crown Princess Mary is always ready to answer press questions when she is on an official mission for one of its protectorates or the Mary Foundation.

But Thursday it was a silent Mary who hurried past the press and into the silver Audi with bright leather trim as she left Falconer farm High School. Mary had visited the school on the occasion of the Mary Foundation's initiatives on loneliness among young people. The school has implemented the foundation project at the school, so none of the high school students should feel outside the community or lonely.

Ignored questions

But when would like hear how Mary is related to the new book, 'It costs a kingdom', where the royal family is being criticized for receiving expensive gifts and holidays from wealthy Danish business people, it was obvious that the otherwise press friendly Mary was not at all prepared to answer questions from the press. At all.

Instead of stopping to answer questions, which she has the habit of doing, Mary stared stiffly in front of her and ignored all questions from the press present people until she had come to take shelter in Audi.

In Jens Høvsgaards book, 'It costs a kingdom' ask the author is critical of the royal family members having received jewelry, designer handbags, fashion clothing, prams for several hundred thousand kroner from companies such as Georg Jensen, the company behind Odder pram, Hermés and Copenhagen Fur.

He is also close to accusing business people such as Keld Kirk Christiansen of the Lego Group, Jørgen Mads Clausen and Frank Uhrenholt of bribing the royal family with royal gifts.


  1. Mary and Fred are nothing but glorified, pampered thieves!!!!!
    Always grabbing at freebies!!!! They should absolutely return those gifts!!!!!
    What filthy greedy, gluttons!!!! Fcuk them!!!

  2. It's about time the Danish media calls their greedy asses out!!!!
    But they're still too hesitant to call them as they really are! Greedy spoiled brats with no conscience gorging themselves with the sweat of Danes' hard earned money! Hope they choke on their fancy purses and clothes!!!
    Disgusting pigs!!!!!!

  3. Spanish EnthusiastDecember 2, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    Dear Blogger/s, just a question:

    Do you have something to do with the bloggers of "Danish Royal Watchers"?...

    I am from Spain and know little about the Danish Monarchy and the Danish Social life so your blogs are really interesting...quite turbulent sometimes :)

    Thanks for the reply

    1. Querido amigo espanol, no, we are not associated with "Danish Royal Watchers". They have a, hm, slightly different take on Mary and the Danish royals. We are informally associated with Royal Dish, however. You'll enjoy getting some more background on Denmark's royals there.

  4. Spanish EnthusiastDecember 2, 2012 at 7:58 AM

    Thank you for your prompt reply! I have been reading something for your Royal Dish these days...I can see that you have quite a strong opinion on your crown Princess. Until recently, living in Spain I just used to compare Letizia, our crown Princess, with Mary, saying "How lucky are the Danes with such a stylish and elegant Princess, not like us here in Spain". ...Reading your post I start to ask questions and see beyond the perfect outfits. ...I don't have an opinion so far, but it would be a pity to discover that a dress is more important than making happy your husband...(the latest photo in which Frederick takes the hand of his wife I could see is form the beginning of 2010!!!)


    Un saludo

  5. Credit where credit is DUE!!!December 2, 2012 at 4:35 PM

    I get quite mad reading crap like this! Mary and Fred have no care or love for the common Dane.
    It's the everyday Dane who deserve to be given gifts - the firefighters, cops, doctors, nurses, teachers, grocers bus drivers garbage collectors and so many others. Hard working people who make everyday life in Denmark meaningful and safe making sure things run and work smoothly. That's who SHOULD receive accolades, praise and GIFTS!!
    NOT THESE BLOODY USERS! What have they done for Denmark except for freeloading? Sorry but free trip to give some frivolous speeches just doesn't cut it!
    What a waste of OXYGEN these people breathe in!!
    Time they get a regular job JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE and pay their own way. You wanna live like rich fuckers?

  6. A lazy drunk, a greedy bogan with more wrinkles and crow's feet than sense, four plain-looking kids, a few nicotine addicts... What a real circus!

  7. Mary gets away with so much shit because Denmark's press lets her! Unless the press does its job and comes down hard on her trannny ass, Mary will continue to abuse her status to get freebies and special favours. We can't let Mary get away with this bullshit! Someone needs to call her out on how she exploits her position because Mary doesn't have the common sense and integrity to stop stealing from Denmark on her own. The woman only sees $$$ signs.
    This is the curse of marrying way beneath his station - Fred gets a woman so tacky and nouveau riche intent only on amassing more for herself.

    Danish media needs to be tough. Take a leaf out of the Spanish press and learn how it doesn't back off from criticising the RF. It does so frequently without fear of consequences. When will the Danish media have the same balls? Even the Swedish press calls their RF out and is not afraid to go after their King.
    We need the same gutsy press in Denmark. We rely too much on palace spin masters whose only interest is to cover for their greedy asshole employers especially those two empty cans Mary and Fred.