Monday, January 10, 2011

Billed Bladet #1: Happy Berleburg New Year!

Just a quick tour through the first BB of 2011! There is a supplement with the "Dresses of the Year" and a 5 page photo spread and short interview with Carina Axelsson. MOST interesting! Not for what she says, which is superficial and coy, but for the giant brass ones she sports for dissing her pseudo-in-laws and deleting all icky remnants of her past while piling on the tropes of an aristocratic lifestyle and upbringing. She's a doozy! No wonder she and Mary are friends!

Jock "Half-Mast" Sluuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppson and The Dumpling crashed the funeral of Daisy's lady-in-waiting of 23 years, Marianne Boel. They arrived empty-handed, of course, not having any spare cash to buy flowers as Alexandra demonstrated is proper. They probably spent their last pence on a new round of blonde for Moody! Doesn't the queen look chic, however!

Mary is no where to be found for this week in fashion. Marie and her new lady-in-waiting (wife to the smørrebrød queen's son, Britt Siesbye) gladly fill in the hole that Mary and the underweight twins abdicate days before the birth.

Presenting Madam, the Mistress of Berleburg. "I May Never Get Married". I think she really loves that it is her boyfriend who owns the place, and therefore calls the shots, rather than his father and mother who basically have to sit back and watch her sort through their attics for furniture, re-wire the main building which hadn't been in use since WWII, and take over Lady of the Manor duties and flower receiving. Why on earth was she interviewed!? Carina says that her greatest interest is books. Naturally, she doesn't list a favourite or talk about which ones had any meaning to her.

Bizarre attraction in a green brocade chair in her office - a fox that Gustav killed and Carina had stuffed and posed in a sleeping position. She poses in front of a piano and says that "the rooms must be used regularly for the castle to come alive and work, says Carina, who has played for many years and often sits at the piano in the couple's private salon".

I still can't get over that one of the black labradors is named Amber. That is a direct assault on Mary's "best friend" and was done with the full permission of Madam La Boganista.

"I love to draw". Carina and Richard's sister Madeleine put on an exhibit of Carina's drawings at the castle called "From Idea To Paper". Said Madeleine to Carina at the opening, "Princess Benedikte brought a love of horses into the family. Her mother-in-law was interested in children. You come with your interest in art, books and drawing. Every lady of Berleburg has brought something new. You are an exotic plant here in Berleburg. You are imaginiative and your drawings are light and merry." Carina sad that she attended the Ecole Boulle in Paris to learn how to draw and said that with the exhibit she wanted to show what a huge job it is to draw. She also made the invitations, the menu cards and calling cards. Carina was particulary glad that Prince Richard came out since he doesn't really like to show up where there are lots of people. Gustav says that when they go out to the market, Carina always wants to come home with all the animals they see, but Gustav says, "Carina, we have two dogs, that has to be enough." omg

Henrik got to start the fireworks show on New Year's before all the guests to his and Daisy's party showed up. One guy came as a frog! Another dotty old broad was escorted to the door by her taxi driver. Love the nutty aristos! Doesn't look like the Sluuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppsons crashed the party!

Joachim and Marie were caught driving across the Amalienborg square on New Year's after watching Daisy give her annual address on tv. They were off to a party in posh Østerbro with Britt and Oscar Siesbye Davidsen and another couple.

Interesting for BB to show a photo of Mary and Fred with a notice to Chinese guests that it is Prince Joachim who will be available for photographs. Note how it is labeled Prince Joachim Christian, just in case there is any doubt that Joachim couldn't take over the throne with his regnal name!

BB takes only a half page interest in the Crown Princess's Vogue spread. Even BB is done with them! Fred looks like a marionette. All of the boxed up furniture is a direct contradiction to all of their pleas for new furniture for their empty, new palace!

Nice of BB to always manage to slip in a photo of one of Fred's former girlfriends, especially since they've all managed to age so well! Hello, Malou!

Adorable little cuddle bun Konstantin was baptised at Berleburg with Gustav, Mary and the sister to Nathalie's husband as godparents. Only guests: the little family, all four grandparents, and Gustav and Carina. Alexandra, Jefferson and their two were noticeably tucked away in their Swiss ski chalet.

For all of her fame-whoring, cute Caroline Fleming just seems to be enjoying motherhood for the third time with footie player Niklas Bendtner. Their son was born 16 December and they were recently caught out with the baby shopping in London. The little boy was born at Portland Hospital.

Mary's short sleeve, wool coat from the children's ballet is a Hugo Boss and cost the Danish taxpayer 5999 kroner. Over $1000 for a new coat. Bless the Danes! Always thinking about keeping Mary warm - and with German fashion!

The Dresses of the Year! Name your favourites!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Amber Petty embarrassing herself, Jeff Browne and Princess Mary

Oh, Amber!

Update: Jeff Browne ordered this video removed pretty fast. Be sure and thank him, Amber, your disgusting, amplified snacking and lack of knowledge about the interview subject - or even her name! - is really a poor reflection on your lack of true journalism skills. Better luck next time!