Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daisy Enjoys Her Time Off: While Derf Is Regent, The Queen Relaxes in France and Norway

In the wake of the cancellation of her state visit to Chile in early March, Daisy has taken an unexpected bit of time off for some R&R (planning for special post bogan-elimination events  does take it out of one) before heading back to Denmark and then off to the hospital for surgery on her arthritic back. Daisy has osteoarthritis of the spine. Derfie and Joachim have been swapping out being regent in the meantime.

According to this BT article, Henrik and Daisy spent three days together last week with some friends in the French town of Eze. Then the Prince Consort went up to Paris to open an exhibit of his collection of Greenlandic art while Daisy spent an afternoon in St. Paul-de-Vence at the Fondation Maeght, a wonderful modern and contemporary art garden and exhibit space. She was given a special tour of the place by Isabelle Maeght, the granddaughter of the founders. Beforehand, she lunched at La Columbe d'Or, the legendary restaurant. Treat yourself, Dais! This sounds like a lovely, sophisticated day of good eating and relaxed art admiration that happened to be caught by unplanned cameras. If Yrma were caught on a day off, the photos would be of her lunching at a mid-priced, but high-end marketed chain Italian restaurant in giant sunnies, followed by shots of her walking around a high street looking for cheap sale clothing. Kind of like we've always seen from her. Nothing cultured, nothing refined. After leaving France, Daisy headed up to Gausdol in Norway, according to Henrik when he was asked about her at the Bridge pro-am tourney he visited a few days ago.

Article: BT

Two artificial knees

It is not the first time Queen Margrethe has struggled with osteoarthritis of the spine. Back in 2003, she had surgery for spinal stenosis, which flared up again only two years later. At the time, doctors treat the disease medically. But one year later had the queen again for a walk on the operating table, where she underwent surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee.

The entire five times Her Majesty had to be operating in the knees, and today is the country's queen fitted with two artificial knees. But although Queen Margrethe has been very troubled by pain, it is nevertheless she managed to carry out his duties in January and early February, where there has been Accession audience for new ambassadors at Amalienborg Palace and the opening of an exhibition at the Royal Arsenal.

While the Queen is away, the Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim are taking turns being regent until the end of February, when Queen Margrethe will be back in Denmark again. But now the royal family's calendar has Queen Margrethe extending her holidays so that Her Majesty's first official working day is 4th March, for that day's Council of State.

Facts about spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis typically affects older people. It typically occurs due to osteoarthritis of the spine. The disease occurs because the small joints between the vertebrae in the spine becomes thickened, so space becomes scarce in the spinal canal. In addition to pain in the back provides spinal stenosis also rays of sciatic pain down the legs.

Treatment is usually first medical with painkillers, physiotherapy, massage and hot baths. If that treatment doesn't work, the patient will undergo surgery, which removes the bone tissue that fills up the spinal canal. There can be no operating again if the disease flares up again. This is not acute, but sneaking.

Photos: DR

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well Played, Frederik!: Takes Xian and Izzy to Performance of Cirque du Soleil's Alegria

Nice move, Daddy Derf! Freddles takes his two oldest sprogs to a performance of Alegria by Cirque du Soleil on a snowy Sunday last weekend at the Forum. Nice low-key outing with Far and he's good about doing this sort of thing. Gets everyone out of the house, away from the baby twins (and More), and out to enjoy spectacular performance artistry. Well done, Fred. He has an artist's soul, our future king, and he seems determined to make his kids appreciate the arts. No Madam La Boganista around to lean into Christian and wonder about hair colour stereotypes or to grab the children by the wrist and increase their stress levels. Everyone seems pretty evenly keeled as they exit the car without fanfare, and not in special police parking zones as is Mary's wont. Just a nice afternoon at the theatre and special attention from Dad who is looking more and more worse for wear.

Video: Local Eyes

Two days later, since Daisy's now relaxing in Norway, Freddles as regent received the Prime Minister of Rumania at the psychodelic palace at Amalienborg, admittedly, in a less flashy room. Doesn't little Derfie almost look manly and human and future king-like when his wife-bot thinggie isn't around! More please!

Photos: Christian Meyer, Kongehuset

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mon Vieux!: Prince Henrik Stays Busy While Daisy Preps For Surgery

Little Mary Boganson taking the almighty DRF for a ride?
Our bon Henri has been busy lately. In France for a few days of rest and relaxation with his Daisy after the news broke that she is having problems with her arthritic back, the couple spent time with some old friends. Daisy cancelled her state visit to Chile so that she could have an operation on her back; herniated discs are awful indeed. While in Paris, Henrik was at the Maison du Danemark in Paris's 8th arrondissement to open an exhibit of his private collection of Greenlandic art on 20 February. Henrik's art always seems to have an erotic angle, much like his larger than life sculptures in the gardens of the Chateau de Cayx. No wonder Daisy is so flirty around her husband after all these years.
From "Pour l’Amour du Groenland", La collection d’art populaire du Prince Consort de Danemark at the Maison du Danemark.
Ends in about 1 month: February 21 → April 14, 2013

This exhibition focuses on the richness of folk art Greenland where ornamentation, shape and colors reflect a genuine sense of beauty. Over many years, the Prince Consort has been interested in folk art from Greenland and he has built up a great collection, which one third is exposed here. Another contribution comes from the ethnographic collection of the National Museum, with fine examples of east-Greenland costumes richly decorated from the late 18th century. Conferences, documentaries, concerts, literary evenings, dance, on the theme of Greenland yesterday and today, are organized during the exhibition.

Official Announcement: Maison du Danemark



Lille Freddles swallowed by his overwhelming depressive state?

Stay with Madam Slurrrrrrrrrrrrpson long enough and you begin to not quite feel put together right

Mary's man boobs morph into the Miracle Twins! What symbolism!

Article: Point de Vue

Henrik of Denmark: Happy Collectioner

It's one of the secret pleasures of the prince consort, a magnificent selection of sculpted ivory and pieces of folk art from Greenland. They are the focus of an exposition at the Maison du Danemark which was inaugurated by the Prince Consort.

"The queen and I so love Greenland that we've regularly sailed the Dannebrog up there since our wedding 44 years ago. What you see here isn't but a modest part of the personal collection that we've brought back from our visits", says a delighted Prince Henrik of Denmark. Just back from a personal trip to Asia, he is in Paris to inaugurated the exhibition "For the Love of Greenland. This island which is five times larger than France benefits from a political autonomy all while being an integral part of the Kingdom of Denmark. In these display cases, are delicate sculpted figurines in seal ivory and usual objects, as well as the traditional dress that belonged to Margrethe when she was an adolescent, brought to her by her father King Frederik IX. Arranged on the floor are two ancient kayaks in their beauty and Odes to Greenland written several years ago by Henrik, visibly delighted to declare the exhibition of his treasures open.


On 21 February, Henrik was back in Denmark to attend, as patron of the Danish Bridge Association, the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational Pro-Am Tournament. Henrik is a noted bridge player and he was in a jolly good mood for the party, meeting all sorts of elite players, including a visiting Frenchman. When he and Daisy entertain friends at home, they generally convene the group for a game of bridge after dinner. Mary is famous for pouting her way through Daisy and Henri's bridge parties, not mingling throughout the room, taking the opportunity to chat with the guests - who are, by definition from being at a private party at the palace, intimate friends of the family - or for making sure that everyone is having a good time and has a drink. Not a good host (by extention) or guest, our Mary!


Photos: Martin Sylvest Andersen, Scanpix


On 22 February Prince Henrik was again in a good mood in Frederikshavn visiting the port where the Dannebrog is docked for the winter. This is the most handsome of all his military uniforms. Later that evening, he gave a recital at Sæbygaard Slot of his poetry for the guests - en français! French is the traditional language of royal courts, and the language that all members of Henrik's family speak except for Princess MoreMore and her sprogs.


Photos: Niels Henrik Dam, Billed Bladet

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Royal Scandals: Is The Media Preparing the Danish Public For More?

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Olga of Greece, 1922

Iiiiiiiiiinteresting little photo gallery of "Royal Scandals" buried on the front page of conservative broadsheet Berlingske's website today, 21 February. With no accompanying article to provide much perspective on the purpose of this slide show, the reader is left with the images of royals and demi-royals throughout Europe who have met with scandal to one degree or another. Naturally, the Charles and Diana divorce and public mud-slinging is included, as is the tragic tale of 'Fergie', the former wife and forever albatross of the Duke of York. Additionally, there is mention of the current imbroglio that features the Spanish royal family via the most likely shenanigans of Iñaki Urdangarín; that of Princess Madeleine breaking off her engagement with Jonas Bergström; that of the Swedish king and Queen Silvia's father's Nazi connection; also there is Märtha Louise and her husband Ari Behn since she communicates with the dead and he writes controversial books.

The Danish reader may think that no Danish royal would be included in such a feature since the royal family in Denmark is considered irreprochable, if not slightly artistic and intellectual - traits that are treated with general disdain among the citizenry, but as delightful traits in royals, gently underscoring their difference from the mere mortals who fund their lifestyles.

But alas, inserted between the ugly reminders of what the British royals have experienced - and survived - is that old tidbit about Crown Prince Frederik - the father of Daisy, not her son - who was engaged to Princess Olga of the Hellenes in 1922, and from whom he ultimately separated, only to finally marry Princess Ingrid of Sweden in 1935. Chatter has it that the wildly tattoo'd Frederik was too much of a hard-drinking sailor for the more couth Olga. What a precursor to the future King Frederik IX's grandson and hard-drinking sailor who didn't mind the uncouth Mary Boganson! There was precedent for Derfie to leave Yrma back on the docks in Hobart, but Derfie and Yrma aren't the strong personalities of King Frederik and his eventual wife, Ingrid, who together addressed the king's alcoholism. Interesting reminder for Berlingske to give the Danish public. Moral to the story: Derf, you dumbsh*t, you'll never address your problems on your own, and neither with Mary in whose interest it is to see you continue on as a weak-spined, bland pudding.

Then there is the other cautionary tale of non-royal Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and his first fiancée Elvire Pasté de Rochefort. The extents of the "scandal" here are that they were engaged in August 2000 with a wedding planned for 12 May 2001 in Paris, but then the families came to loggerheads over the details of the pre-nuptial agreement. Elvire's father went so far as to speak to the Danish media that the document was too far out of favour of his daughter's concerns and needs. It was revealed as well through genaeological research that Monsieur Pasté's family had purchased the "de Rochefort" suffix to their family name (itself already changed from their original Greek patronyme). Gold digger alert! The wedding was postponed (expressed from Benedikte's press office as an untangling of "security concerns"), then cancelled in July 2001 with the couple permanently parting ways via a press communiqué. Moral to this story: the current generation of King Frederik's grandchildren have also had the will to cut off insalubrious and noxious incomers from participating in, and inheriting, their royal legacy. (To be fair to Elvire, it was her father's actions that caused her separation. He overplayed his hand with no expression of noblesse oblige.)

So, what's Berlingske trying to achieve here? Remind us of past "scandals" related to broken engagements that really aren't anything more than cautionary tales of Danish royals protecting their brand, so to speak, so that current royals may learn from them? No one died! Life went on! How normal and healthy is it, after all, to break up with someone with whom you may not have a happy marriage? Further, is the photo spread also supposed to prepare us for future "scandals"? Remind us that the Danish royals will survive, especially with fewer bogan commoners around to ruin everything? Iiiiiiiiiinteresting.

Photo Gallery: Berlingske

August 2000

Photos: Seeger Press

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looker Me!: Yrma Tries To Play With Important People, Succeeds Only At Looking Out of Place

Preach, Sister Laura! 
The Princess is here, y'all! Holla! Poor Mary. No one cares! If only Hilary Mantel would let loose on the Danish Kate Middleton here at a UN International Conference on Global Economy as a guest of Development Cooperation Minister Christian Friis-Bach who made the welcoming speech. Mr. Friis-Bach has beenYrma La Douche just loves poor brown skinned people and wants to be their saviour. But little Mary Boganson was just a show pony here, and not a very good one. She learned nothing from Davos because a bogan narcissist cannot see other people to learn from and imitate. She showed up here in her "power suit" that was ruined by her showy plastic purple bag and inability to do much more than smile and look uncomfortable in the wake of no one being impressed with her.
No speaking engagement, no participation in a panel discussion, no Q&A time. With as many visits to Africa as she's made, this just proves that those have been visits that have mostly had a touristic or photographic advantage for Mary, throwing in some meetings with the locals to semi-justify the Mary Fund picking up the tab. She is nothing but an awkward presence with an uncanny ability to focus on not much more than the cameras recording the event. Just look at Mary below with poor Anthony Lake: she gives him her best overbearing grin and he can't even look her in the eye and turns awkwardly away, refusing to engage in conversation. That's our Mary! Alienating friends and making enemies all in the service of crown and country. Anthony is the Executive Director of UNICEF and is probably wondering what has become of that darling Princess Alexandra with the delightfully accented English and the UNICEF patronage. Those Schackenborg princesses so effortlessly have for the past 10 years made MoreMore look like less and lesser!
Yrma: "Party can start, I'm here! I've really made your day, haven't I?"

Yrma: "I can't wait to walk in and have everyone gasp with delight when they see me."

Yrma: "Christian, why aren't they gasping with delight? I'm giving this camera my best smile!"

Yrma: "Sooo nice for you to meet me, I'm sure. Thank God you speak English."

Yrma: "I don't know if you heard, but I'm the Crown Princess of this funny place."

Friis-Bach: "Mr. Lake, please accept my apologies for this thing here on my right."

Yrma: "I think that went really well! I kinda caught him in my web of charm, don't you think?"

Yrma: "Um, like, um, more people are coming to admire me, right?"

At the end, out of place and feeling awkward. Ex Chilean President Michelle Bachelet reconsiders her participation.
Photos: Jesper Sunesen, Billed Bladet

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sportif!: Derfie Parties With World Rowers at Congress In Copenhagen

Note Poor Derfie's body language: turning away from the dudes, and toward the medalist with the breasteses. Always predictable, our little Derf Man! At least it was work, even if it was a party with sporty types. At least it was a break from Yrma for an evening. Sigh.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Article: Inside The Games

February 15 - World Rowing Federation's (FISA) Extraordinary Congress, which is only held once every four years, opened today in Copenhagen and will discuss if any changes are needed to the sport's statutes and rules.

Among the proposals being discussed at this year's Congress, at the Hotel Scandic, which is being attended by several International Olympic Committee members, including Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, FISA President Denis Oswald and vice-presidents Anita DeFrantz and John Coates, is making alternations to its statutes and rules of racing to better reflect the core values of the sport of rowing.

FISA has conducted a detailed strategic re-assessment exercise which looked at all aspects of the sport, its events, its marketing and governance.

To achieve more universality, FISA is considering a proposal to ensure that World Rowing regattas are held outside Europe every four years - not only at the senior level, but also at the under-23 and junior levels.

Another key proposal could include doubling the racing distance for Paralympic athletes from 1,000 to 2,000 metres.

Other issues include adding an additional boat class, the LTA mixed double sculls, to offer further competition opportunities to nations that only have two athletes in this classification category and to change the name of "adaptive rowing" to "Para-rowing" which is deemed to better communicate this discipline of the sport.

FISA also wants to reinforce its statutes and rules to address potential issues including rules to prevent attempts to manipulate competitions, to interfere in the leadership of national federations and to unduly influence the World Rowing Federation.
The FISA Council is recommending the creation of policies that will ensure that only those who are truly involved in the sport of rowing can reach positions to make decisions about rowing at all levels.

A radical proposal designed protect the health of its athletes would pre-competition health screenings to reduce the risk of sudden cardiovascular death.

They also recommend eliminating the averaging of weight in lightweight rowing to discourage unhealthy and potentially dangerous sudden weight loss practices.

A vote is scheduled for Sunday (February 17) on any changes put forward.

Bien Jouée!: Princess Marie Fires Personal Trainer: This Is How You Do It, Mary!

Now THIS is how you handle bad publicity!

Last year, Princess Marie contracted the services of Marc Skovsbøg as her personal trainer. Marc was to help Marie get back in shape after the birth of her second child in January 2012. There were photographs taken of Marie and Marc walking across Amalienborg Square last August, presumably from Marie's apartment in one of the four palaces, to the gym located in another of the palaces.

Marc Skovsbøg is a professional body builder, competing when he can. He was tested for illegal substances recently, got fired from his fitness job and has openly confessed to the media. The response from the palace was immediate: Marc has forfeited his right to work with any member of the royal family by taking illegal substances, and therefore has been fired from his job working with Princess Marie. This isn't just a strong and swift PR response. This is also contractual. It would be very difficult for the palace to fire Marc if there hadn't already been a clause in his contract allowing them to take swift action in response to an untoward situation for the royals. That means the legal language was premeditated and included in the contract not just for giving away royal secrets (I would imagine Amalienborg is very well versed in taking the offensive), but for personal transgressions by the outside party, a most royal and proper clause to include in the contract language. Brava Princess Marie for having the foresight to have a personal trainer - a rather low level, not even full-time employee - sign a contract that protects the royal brand from tarnish. Incredibly astute behaviour and quite professional. We'll never see that from "marketing and PR professional" Yrma Boganson. You know Lene Balleby doesn't have any role in this action except to put out a press release and respond appropriately to press inquisitions. She is a puppet and will do whatever the court tells her to do. Luckily in this instance, she is working for the Schackenborg tribe, who are on the up and up, and not the Dumble-Derfs, who don't have a clue.

Photo Gallery: PPE (August 2012)

Article: Ekstra Bladet

Princess Marie Fires Her Doping Trainer

Marc Skovsbøg's time as a personal fitness trainer for Princess Marie is definitely over. The princess has given him his pink slip, after Ekstra Bladet today revealed that the coach has been caught by a doping control.

Ekstra Bladet confirms the court's communications director Lene Balleby saying that cooperation will cease immediately. "The fact that Marc Skovsbøg has taken illegal drugsmeans simply that he is no longer fit to carry out his function as a personal trainer for Princess Marie," says Lene Balleby.

Today, Ekstra Bladet could announce that Marc Skovsbøg was fired from because he was felled by a drug-testing that showed illegal substances in his body. A fact Marc Skovsbøg himself confirmed.

"It is true that I have been tested positive. There were some things on the list that I was not aware that you could not take," says the now former royal coach. According to Marc Skovsbøg, it was a substance in a dietary supplement that caused him to test positive.

"I had taken something called Craze and that was what got me. And the worst thing was that I went doping controls in the meeting. I've been clean for three previous tests and would like to have my fourth. So I asked them to test me. That was what was so stupid."

But despite the confession and explanation, it doesn't help dear Marie. Now the princess is in search of a new coach who will help her lift weights in the gym, as BET at the time stood at Amalienborg.


Photos: Hviid & Winther