Monday, February 25, 2013

Mon Vieux!: Prince Henrik Stays Busy While Daisy Preps For Surgery

Little Mary Boganson taking the almighty DRF for a ride?
Our bon Henri has been busy lately. In France for a few days of rest and relaxation with his Daisy after the news broke that she is having problems with her arthritic back, the couple spent time with some old friends. Daisy cancelled her state visit to Chile so that she could have an operation on her back; herniated discs are awful indeed. While in Paris, Henrik was at the Maison du Danemark in Paris's 8th arrondissement to open an exhibit of his private collection of Greenlandic art on 20 February. Henrik's art always seems to have an erotic angle, much like his larger than life sculptures in the gardens of the Chateau de Cayx. No wonder Daisy is so flirty around her husband after all these years.
From "Pour l’Amour du Groenland", La collection d’art populaire du Prince Consort de Danemark at the Maison du Danemark.
Ends in about 1 month: February 21 → April 14, 2013

This exhibition focuses on the richness of folk art Greenland where ornamentation, shape and colors reflect a genuine sense of beauty. Over many years, the Prince Consort has been interested in folk art from Greenland and he has built up a great collection, which one third is exposed here. Another contribution comes from the ethnographic collection of the National Museum, with fine examples of east-Greenland costumes richly decorated from the late 18th century. Conferences, documentaries, concerts, literary evenings, dance, on the theme of Greenland yesterday and today, are organized during the exhibition.

Official Announcement: Maison du Danemark



Lille Freddles swallowed by his overwhelming depressive state?

Stay with Madam Slurrrrrrrrrrrrpson long enough and you begin to not quite feel put together right

Mary's man boobs morph into the Miracle Twins! What symbolism!

Article: Point de Vue

Henrik of Denmark: Happy Collectioner

It's one of the secret pleasures of the prince consort, a magnificent selection of sculpted ivory and pieces of folk art from Greenland. They are the focus of an exposition at the Maison du Danemark which was inaugurated by the Prince Consort.

"The queen and I so love Greenland that we've regularly sailed the Dannebrog up there since our wedding 44 years ago. What you see here isn't but a modest part of the personal collection that we've brought back from our visits", says a delighted Prince Henrik of Denmark. Just back from a personal trip to Asia, he is in Paris to inaugurated the exhibition "For the Love of Greenland. This island which is five times larger than France benefits from a political autonomy all while being an integral part of the Kingdom of Denmark. In these display cases, are delicate sculpted figurines in seal ivory and usual objects, as well as the traditional dress that belonged to Margrethe when she was an adolescent, brought to her by her father King Frederik IX. Arranged on the floor are two ancient kayaks in their beauty and Odes to Greenland written several years ago by Henrik, visibly delighted to declare the exhibition of his treasures open.


On 21 February, Henrik was back in Denmark to attend, as patron of the Danish Bridge Association, the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational Pro-Am Tournament. Henrik is a noted bridge player and he was in a jolly good mood for the party, meeting all sorts of elite players, including a visiting Frenchman. When he and Daisy entertain friends at home, they generally convene the group for a game of bridge after dinner. Mary is famous for pouting her way through Daisy and Henri's bridge parties, not mingling throughout the room, taking the opportunity to chat with the guests - who are, by definition from being at a private party at the palace, intimate friends of the family - or for making sure that everyone is having a good time and has a drink. Not a good host (by extention) or guest, our Mary!


Photos: Martin Sylvest Andersen, Scanpix


On 22 February Prince Henrik was again in a good mood in Frederikshavn visiting the port where the Dannebrog is docked for the winter. This is the most handsome of all his military uniforms. Later that evening, he gave a recital at Sæbygaard Slot of his poetry for the guests - en français! French is the traditional language of royal courts, and the language that all members of Henrik's family speak except for Princess MoreMore and her sprogs.


Photos: Niels Henrik Dam, Billed Bladet


  1. The bogan has a strong sense of inferiority mixed with arrogance and delusions when it comes to the presence of her betters. She is an awkward woman to deal with.

  2. Haha Henrik is so smart to make his sculptures look like Mary ... the greedy teeth depicts Mary chewing and swallowing more of Denmark's money ... careful you don't choke on a kroner Mary Donkeyson !

  3. LOL @ Mary's droopy boobs! that's a rather nasty image of Mary's breasts drooping to the floor! LMAO!
    perfect caption Cece! hehehehe

  4. what's wrong with Daisy?

  5. it's not good..operation here, there and another operation. makes people nervous. yes?
    Dear Daisy, Hope you recover well and strong

  6. Cece, do you think it's serious?
    Any operation at her age can be dangerous and should always be the last resort. maybe they can try other things instead of an operation.
    Sending angel prayers to the Queen..............

  7. relax! don't worry. Daisy goes strong and will return strong too.

    but she needs to go America for surgery. To me I trust doctors there better than funny Danish doctors. Our Danes docs are not too much complicated

  8. ooopsy ! I should say sophisticated !!!