Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sportif!: Derfie Parties With World Rowers at Congress In Copenhagen

Note Poor Derfie's body language: turning away from the dudes, and toward the medalist with the breasteses. Always predictable, our little Derf Man! At least it was work, even if it was a party with sporty types. At least it was a break from Yrma for an evening. Sigh.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Article: Inside The Games

February 15 - World Rowing Federation's (FISA) Extraordinary Congress, which is only held once every four years, opened today in Copenhagen and will discuss if any changes are needed to the sport's statutes and rules.

Among the proposals being discussed at this year's Congress, at the Hotel Scandic, which is being attended by several International Olympic Committee members, including Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, FISA President Denis Oswald and vice-presidents Anita DeFrantz and John Coates, is making alternations to its statutes and rules of racing to better reflect the core values of the sport of rowing.

FISA has conducted a detailed strategic re-assessment exercise which looked at all aspects of the sport, its events, its marketing and governance.

To achieve more universality, FISA is considering a proposal to ensure that World Rowing regattas are held outside Europe every four years - not only at the senior level, but also at the under-23 and junior levels.

Another key proposal could include doubling the racing distance for Paralympic athletes from 1,000 to 2,000 metres.

Other issues include adding an additional boat class, the LTA mixed double sculls, to offer further competition opportunities to nations that only have two athletes in this classification category and to change the name of "adaptive rowing" to "Para-rowing" which is deemed to better communicate this discipline of the sport.

FISA also wants to reinforce its statutes and rules to address potential issues including rules to prevent attempts to manipulate competitions, to interfere in the leadership of national federations and to unduly influence the World Rowing Federation.
The FISA Council is recommending the creation of policies that will ensure that only those who are truly involved in the sport of rowing can reach positions to make decisions about rowing at all levels.

A radical proposal designed protect the health of its athletes would pre-competition health screenings to reduce the risk of sudden cardiovascular death.

They also recommend eliminating the averaging of weight in lightweight rowing to discourage unhealthy and potentially dangerous sudden weight loss practices.

A vote is scheduled for Sunday (February 17) on any changes put forward.


  1. How much longer can he put up with that skanky woman without cracking up in public?

  2. Hahahahaha! Ferd's eye is roaming the room for another piece of bread to make a Derfie/hottie sandwich!! Hahahahaha! Take that Mary. This girl is athletic and still looks like a woman!

  3. Denmark hates Mary Donaldson!

    Denmark hates Mary Donkeyson!

    Mary-->>>>pay back all our money you greedy sick b*tch spent and spent and spent and still spending

  4. Hi all. Now I am not a fan nor am I an enemy of Mary. I just want to know this and I want someone to give me an answer - is it true that things aren't so great between Mary and Fred or is this just terrible gossip? I read somewhere that they were seen out on a romantic dinner in early February, so how can their relationship not be anything but healthy in the circumstances? If someone could provide an informative answer it would be appreciated.

  5. He will be the King of Sports! We need more than that. Denmark needs someone involved in causes like the Artic Plataform, sustainable agriculture and aquaculture,low demographic growth rate in our country, etc. Prince Joachim is the one and the Queen must think and do something about it. Yrma, like Et, GO HOME!

  6. Fred est toujours souriant et heureux sans Mary

    Mary = retour en Australie