Friday, February 8, 2013

Sportif!: Derfie Runs With The Boys In Aarhus: Leaves Madam's Sick Bed After Delivering Birthday Flowers

Has Freddles looked this sweaty and smiley after extensive physical activity since before dating MoreMore? His age is showing up now, but he seems to be basking in the post-coital afterglow of being in the company of his mates and to have reached the point of physical exhaustion without having spent hours trying to pleasure Madam. Good on ya, mate!

He was in Aarhus, on the opposite side of the country from Madam's Amalienborg sick bed, to run a 5K in 22:20. Not bad for an otherwise lazy middle-aged man. Will he achieve a similar great time for running Denmark into the ground when he is king? The event called "Give Your Legs to Denmark" took place at Marselisborg Hall and Park to benefit Danmarks Indsamling, a collective relief agency made up of several of Denmark's humanitarian organisations, to raise funds that will go into 12 projects in 11 African countries to give the people there a better future. Good cause, good reason to run, good excuse to not have to tend to his wife-bot who will hopefully overcome the flu or whatever kept her from attending an event the other night, in time to head out to Verbier for winter holidays.

Video: YouTube

Later on, he attended the Danish Olympic ice hockey team's qualifying match in the south of Denmark. Since he was close by, you have to wonder if he stayed the night at Schackenborg to visit with his brother's family. Nice thoughts of bonding with Team Schackenborg and without Weird Auntie Mary!

Photos: Henning Bagger, Scanpix


  1. yeah you go Derfie boy! Keep using your legs to run away from Mary's ugly mask!

  2. HE looks so happy when yrma is not around!

  3. In these sporty moments Fred Ferdles makes believe that he's a single happy go lucky guy with no crown and family responsibilities and no bulldog wifey Mary around his neck suffocating him.

    if Fred wants to live in that fantasy he needs to walk away from the CP role and go live on his sailboat. Denmark knows that's what Fred would rather do, not be a CP and tied to duties and responsibilities

  4. Hey Frede! Here's how to pleasure Mary ... give her a Billed Bladet then leave the room! LOL

  5. two things that put a happy smile on Fred:
    1 being away from Mary
    2 sports

    combine those two events and Derfy is a different man!!! a happy smiling Ferdles!

  6. What a change to see Fred smiling, laughing, relaxed and happy! Such a stark contrast in demeanour when he's beside his cold, manipulative, camera-whoring wife. Keep running to the courthouse Fred and grab those divorce papers STAT!