Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daisy Enjoys Her Time Off: While Derf Is Regent, The Queen Relaxes in France and Norway

In the wake of the cancellation of her state visit to Chile in early March, Daisy has taken an unexpected bit of time off for some R&R (planning for special post bogan-elimination events  does take it out of one) before heading back to Denmark and then off to the hospital for surgery on her arthritic back. Daisy has osteoarthritis of the spine. Derfie and Joachim have been swapping out being regent in the meantime.

According to this BT article, Henrik and Daisy spent three days together last week with some friends in the French town of Eze. Then the Prince Consort went up to Paris to open an exhibit of his collection of Greenlandic art while Daisy spent an afternoon in St. Paul-de-Vence at the Fondation Maeght, a wonderful modern and contemporary art garden and exhibit space. She was given a special tour of the place by Isabelle Maeght, the granddaughter of the founders. Beforehand, she lunched at La Columbe d'Or, the legendary restaurant. Treat yourself, Dais! This sounds like a lovely, sophisticated day of good eating and relaxed art admiration that happened to be caught by unplanned cameras. If Yrma were caught on a day off, the photos would be of her lunching at a mid-priced, but high-end marketed chain Italian restaurant in giant sunnies, followed by shots of her walking around a high street looking for cheap sale clothing. Kind of like we've always seen from her. Nothing cultured, nothing refined. After leaving France, Daisy headed up to Gausdol in Norway, according to Henrik when he was asked about her at the Bridge pro-am tourney he visited a few days ago.

Article: BT

Two artificial knees

It is not the first time Queen Margrethe has struggled with osteoarthritis of the spine. Back in 2003, she had surgery for spinal stenosis, which flared up again only two years later. At the time, doctors treat the disease medically. But one year later had the queen again for a walk on the operating table, where she underwent surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee.

The entire five times Her Majesty had to be operating in the knees, and today is the country's queen fitted with two artificial knees. But although Queen Margrethe has been very troubled by pain, it is nevertheless she managed to carry out his duties in January and early February, where there has been Accession audience for new ambassadors at Amalienborg Palace and the opening of an exhibition at the Royal Arsenal.

While the Queen is away, the Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim are taking turns being regent until the end of February, when Queen Margrethe will be back in Denmark again. But now the royal family's calendar has Queen Margrethe extending her holidays so that Her Majesty's first official working day is 4th March, for that day's Council of State.

Facts about spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis typically affects older people. It typically occurs due to osteoarthritis of the spine. The disease occurs because the small joints between the vertebrae in the spine becomes thickened, so space becomes scarce in the spinal canal. In addition to pain in the back provides spinal stenosis also rays of sciatic pain down the legs.

Treatment is usually first medical with painkillers, physiotherapy, massage and hot baths. If that treatment doesn't work, the patient will undergo surgery, which removes the bone tissue that fills up the spinal canal. There can be no operating again if the disease flares up again. This is not acute, but sneaking.

Photos: DR


  1. poor Daisy ...Hope her treatment works and she's healthy again.
    If anything happens to the queen we need to move on with modern times and stop with royalty. Something very wrong and undemocratic about endlessly funding a bunch of over indulged freeloading parasites. Especially Mary who seems to not appreciate the privilege she's living in all because she got lucky and married the right man, our bozo head Ferdles.

    Let's finish Margrethe's term then get rid of these useless people. let them work to earn their living and turn the palaces to museums. good for tourism! Good for all to have a democratic Denmark!

  2. Daisy is un vrai artiste! Moshpit has no culture in her soul. Probabaly because she has no soul neither. Poor Denmark.. One smart queen will eventually go and the new queen will be a nasty bogan skank worse than Marie antoinette ..

  3. Be careful Marge! Yrma might slip the anesthesiologist a 10 spot to crank up the juice and make her queen earlier than expected. Yikes!

  4. Spinal stenosis is a common affliction, particularly amongst the elderly who smoke.

  5. Je souhaite beaucoup de courage à Margrethe pour qu'elle puisse continuer longtemps à régner et ne pas laisser la place à ce diable, cette inutile, cette futile, cette dépensière Mary

  6. hello there!!!.
    here in Australia we are not all in love with Mary...never like her. She always strikes me as a egotistical snob looking down on people who have less than her. She was exactly those middle class people herself until Fred gave her the world and now she's thumping her nose at them?
    When she comes back here it's really to show off what a marvelous "success" she is.
    total bs!

    Well she's your problem now Denmark so stop trying to ship her back to us. I've read many comments saying that. No thanks! She's only going to moan and whine about needing some special privileges. No thanks! You keep her there and if she's not wanted there anymore send her to the slums of Calcutta or something. She would learn quickly in a place like that to make herself useful and fend for herself. No more free lunch Mary!

    - Beth from Perth

    1. You are right about this obnoxious bogan. Sorry Danes, do not ship her back to oz whatever happens in future. Here is an idea. Send her to Buckleberry to live with the Middletons.

  7. Our queen is an european woman with culture, five languages, self conscienciouness, responsability, artistic soul, empathy and statuesque dignity. We are very proud of her. But the woman our crown prince has as a wife ashamed us. She is superficial, ignorant, cannot speak danish (after ten years of being here) and doesn´t want to understand our country. Mermaid of Denmark against tasmanian devil. What a change!

  8. Is consciensouness. Yes, you are right about the bogan

  9. I wish for the queen a speedy recovery! good luck with the operation