Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bien Jouée!: Princess Marie Calmly and Happily Goes About Her Official Business in Denmark

While her husband spent a few days on an official visit to the United Arab Emirates, la Belle Marie got on with the business at hand. In a black lace topped dress she's worn previously, Princess Marie was at the CBCC dinner at Carlsberg headquarters on 26 February. She looks very appropriately dress, but as cute as the shooties are in general, they are too clunky for this dress. But that's why we love Marie! Slightly fashion-blind, she clearly couldn't care less for being on trend or Best Dressed. Brava, cherie!

Friday, 1 March, Marie visited Aarhus University Hospital's infectious diseases centre in her capacity as the new patron for the Danish AIDS Association. Excellent choice of patronage! This disease has been going on for too long as still has too much of a stigma attached to it. Marie was able to talk with and listen to doctors, patients, HIV+ people and Henriette Larsen, the director of the AIDS Foundation, all of whom spoke with gratitude that Marie is now the group's patron and "ambassador".

Video: TV2 Østjylland


  1. Ah, la belle Marie, like a breath of fresh air, unlike her smell of stale vomit SIL. Natural, unaffected, focused on her work and not whoring it up for the cameras. Well done, Marie!

  2. Marie est très belle, souriante et fait extrêmement bien son travail

    Dommage qu'elle ne soit pas Princesse Héritiere à la place d'Yrma qui est nulle en tout à part pour repérer les photographes, ne pas s'occuper de ses enfants et de Frédérick !!

    Bravo Marie et Joachim

  3. oh i actually like Marie's mini booties. they go better with her dress than Mary's hideous brown booties with her blue dress she wore last month.

    Marie's look is edgy without being it too "out there" or too much for her stauts. She looks happy and beautiful!
    Well done Marie!

  4. stunning Marie!
    My go-to look when time is of the essence! Every girl should own a sexy number like this. can't go wrong with little black dress! Fits just about any occasion

  5. Marie has got Parisian chic and charm while mare looks and acts like some trash from rundown hole.

  6. She looks cute and Nice compared to yrma.