Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Derf & Yrma in Chile, Day Three: Fred's JFK Moment Makes Fun of Mary at Erotic Poet's Home: Irony Ho!

Not even pretending anymore

Day three in Chile sees the Dumble Derfies moving from vacuous passivity as Madam stewed yesterday as Frederik got a pretty ribbon to wear across his chest, to outright contempt today as the couple seems to passive-agressively let Daisy know how much they resent having to fly to the other side of the world to fill in for the queen, and Mary doesn't even bother keeping up the facade of pretending that Derf still tolerates her. These two idiots are a disgrace. But Fred one ups Mary and it's hysterical.

BT gives Derf a 10 on the "coolness-scale" for his sunnies. Very JFK, along with the new, horrible hairstyle of his. He's nudged Mary off the fashion pages, getting everyone all atwitter over his new style choices. What sort of butterfly might be emerging from the gray coocoon of depression that Derf has swathed himself in over the last several years? Mary doesn't like it, that is for damn sure. Even fake Mary isn't keeping up the "happily married couple" joke. She might be finally realising that it's all on her. Poor girl, in her Arlington Cemetery stilettos and hideous Marianne Dulong jewellery, walking over the cobblestones at Pablo Neruda's home with her JFK-lookalike husband, openly making fun of Mary's own Jackie Kennedy moment when they were in Washington, DC. Neruda's poems are very erotically charged works, for which he won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971. No eroticism in the visiting Danes! More like (with apologies to Neruda) Twenty Insults and a Scream of Depair.

Later, on to Mærsk container industry headquarters for the couple, then on to a school for Mary. What izzit with Yrma and stuffed animals and throwing them in kids' faces like a maniacal twit? She did this on her first tour of Africa, while wearing the Princess Margaret pink dress, shoving a stuffed animal in the face of the girl it either belonged to or was receiving it. God, she's got such an ugly social Tourette's that is so weird and alienating. Otherwise, what a privilege for Madam to be able to visit Danish teacher Anna Hansen in the library she established in Valparaiso 10 years ago on the occasion of launching three Danish-authored books in their Spanish translations for the students. Mary seems not to completely understand how she is in the presence of someone who has done something significant with her life, with fewer means than Mary has. The Mary Fund, indeed! All for Mary and nothing for the needy.

In the evening, there was a visit to the fine arts museum for an exhibit of Asger Jorn's works then dinner. Mary squeezed tight into another formal "Princess Margaret" dress with a Wallis Simpson face - sheesh! - no wonder Fred is done with her. How mean, disengaged and contemptuous she is. She's even nasty to her hosts. Oh, Mary. That's such ugly, middle-class behaviour. True royals are nice to the help, even when their world is crashing down around them. You are no royal, Mary!

Video: TV2 (School visit with Anna Hansen)

Video: YouTube (visit to Pablo Neruda house + Mærsk)










Photos: Claudio Santana, Mario Ruiz, Profimedia, Newscom


  1. That White dress isnt that far too small for her??

    Love the fact that fred is much more cooler than her. HE looks Good with the new haircut.

  2. HE CAN'T STAND HER!!!!!!!!

  3. The cocktail dress is TOO tight. She will pop a seam and that will be super ugly.. yuk. Man body all over the place.. Poor Fred to have to pretend with her. She looks like a nasty woman.

  4. This silly woman walked around pebbled streets in a pair of high heels. As usual, she chooses vanity over comfort. Her smelly feet must be in great pains afterwards. Serve her right.

  5. Marge would have been better off sending a pair of Leprechauns to Chile instead of Madame la Comtesse de Taroona Garbage Depot and her Kennedy brother sidekick. Look at how she strides like a Navvy on heat, then stands with a broomstick up her arse in her too-tight dress, trying to maintain a polite distance between herself and her gracious hosts. Wouldn't want to risk too much skin to skin contact with the natives, would we Mares. Starmaker's would be so proud of her "elegance" and "poise".

  6. Toujours des robes trop serrées ou on voit son cul ; elle cherche les photographes et se moque totalement des gens qu'elle rencontre
    Elle n'est pas intelligente elle ne comprend rien
    C'est une cruche, une garce, une salope ...

  7. Her speech at the school was embarrassing. She giggled and then spoke a little Spanish....and mispronounced "niños." Ugh. It's not that hard, Mary.

  8. Over a decade living in Europe and she hasn't picked up Spanish or French.... Mary Donaldson of hobart has failed at learning Danish but at least come through in Spanish and French as they're easier than Danish but oh no this stupid bird brain bitch still can't speak any foreign language intelligently for shit!
    Heck even speaking in English she sounds like a moron..That's Mary the Hopeless bitch for ya!