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Princess Marie Hits the Stage With The Royal Mayestaits Actors Incorporating Joachim's Real Injury Into a Medical Emergency Sketch Within a Zombie Play: Poking Fun at The Silly Chilean Helicopter Stunt?

Princess Marie was inducted into the association of The Royal Mayestaits Actors (link has more photos) this past Saturday. Her induction into this student theatre revue group transpired with her participation in a sketch that made up part of the revue's current production of "Zombies At the End of the Bed", a show that could have been written by Derf himself about his marital and parental experiences.
Marie's sketch was about the staff in an emergency room preferring to be together celebrating Easter than treating their patients. Reports say that she felt she performed well enough to high-five a fellow thespian. Then she was called on stage with Prince Joachim to receive her ribbon and be formally inducted into the troupe. Well done, Marie, you were a million times more relaxed than Madam was when she was inducted!
Meanwhile, Billed Bladet is reporting the "news" that Derf and Yrma were on separate helicopter rides to and from a mine site in Chile when the GPS system in the helicopter carrying Madam lost power. The article makes it sound like Derfie panicked for his lost love. Yeah, Katja! Mary was in no danger, but if a hiker finds a GPS system in the desert in a few months, check the system for fingerprints. If they're Derf's, Derf really does passive-aggressively want her gone, and if they're Yrma's, then she just needed a sympathy story to hit the sugar press, buy her more time. Non-story if ever there was one put out to distract the press on a day when Marie was the only royal with an official engagement in Denmark.
Article: Billed Bladet
Drama on the Crown Princely Couple's last day in Chile. On the way to a copper mine, Mary's helicopter losts its GPS connection.
Mary and Frederik's last day in Chile was characterised by drama. The couple, who were to visit Gaby mine in the northern part of the country, each flew there in helicopters, but along the way Mary's helicopter lost its GPS switch.
The procedure says that as the helicopter as soon as possible emergency landing, and so did the pilot course. It happened in the middle of the desert, near AMSA mine, and the landing was fortunately fine.
The special atmospheric conditions in the area meant that the pilot had no contact with the ground, most of the time while he was flying, and he could not talk about problems. Nobody knew what had happened to Mary and why she did not show up, because it was impossible to get in touch with her.
When the helicopter had crash-landed, happily they managed to restore the switch to GPS, and then Crown Prince Frederik and those who accompanied him, finally got to know where Mary was. Then the pilot could take off again and fly to Gaby mine, which turned out to be only 20 km away.
Here Frederik waited, and although everything had gone well with Mary, Frederik could hardly fail to have been nervous about his wife. Chief of the Court Christian Schønau, who was on the trip, confirmed that there was an error in the GPS Crown Princess helicopter.
"But now they are here, and it's gone well. Now we just listen to the speakers", said hofchefen who would like to reassure everyone.
The unpleasant experience meant that the program was last journey was almost two hours late.
Therefore reached royal couple not to see the super modern Danish Sunmark solar panel system, which was the reason for the visit.
But they were listening to the speakers and got a bite to eat afterwards and talked to a number of Danish and Chilean employees. And they managed to reveal some fine copper plate, which is set up in memory of their visit in the middle of the Chilean desert.
Article: Her og Nu
Joachim Has Surgery On Curved Fingers
Prince Joachim, 43, had surgery on his left hand for Dupuytren's syndrome - a condition where your fingers over time can no longer be straightened out, because hard and knotty strings have formed in the hand's connective tissue.
"It is something called Dupuytren's syndrome, for which I have been repaired. It's not a plaster cast, it is only a box I have", said Prince Joachim to Her & Nu.
Dupuytren's syndrome is also called Viking's disease, because it mainly affects Northern European men. The condition worsens usually with time, and it may affect normal, daily functions when your fingers can no longer be straightened out.
The operation removes the thickened and contracted connective tissue that is causing the disorder. One is operated only when there will be about 30 degrees of stretch in the absence of one or more fingers.
Despite surgery, it is not rare that new constraints arise both in the operated fingers or other parts of the hand.One of complications is that there is risk of any recurrence of curvature of the fingers, just to be reckoned with small areas of altered sensation. In rare cases, there is also damage to the finger nerves or disturbance of blood supply to the fingers.
Although the dressing itself looks rough, he has no pain after surgery.
"Not at all. Everything is in the best order," says Prince Joachim to Her & Nu with a big smile.


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  1. Je trouve la princesse tres detendue dans son role comme actrice au theatre. Bien fait. Elle est confortable dans plein de milieux.

  2. Marie est très belle, bien habillée et beau chignon
    Bonne santé à Joachim