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Lights, Camera, Action!: A Film About Derf's "Wild Years" Will Soon Start Filming: Sportif!


Interesting forces at work in Denmark. The creative community has decided it is time - surely due to the unbreakable bonds of matrimony between Derf and his beloved MoreMore - to explore the years between Crown Prince Frederik's majority and his tears of pain joy at the altar while waiting for his ice cold bride to arrive at the Copenhagen Cathedral on 14 May 2004. What fun! These were the good years, the fun times, the era when little Freddles sowed his wild oats. The years of Katja and Bettina and Malou and Nina! The years of warm, buxom Danish cuddles! The years of the manly Sirius expedition to Greenland coursing through Freddie's veins! The years of sitting in with Led Zeppelin cover bands! Living in Paris, New York and Boston!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Frederik. Frederik was a prince who lived in a castle! Frederik had a little brother to play with and a nanny who loved him. Frederik's mother was the queen. She was a good queen, but even though she loved Frederik, she was not a good mother. But none of the people knew that because they would not like her as much as queen if they knew she was not so nice to her little prince. The palace sent out lots of happy family photos to convince all the people in all the land that their queen loved her family more than her cigarettes. It worked! The people believed her! The queen loved her husband because he was from another land! Frederik was from the same land as his mother, so he knew she would not love him as much. But Little Frederik wanted his mother to love him very much. Because Frederik was a prince, all the people in all the land wanted to be nice to him. Frederik liked this very much. Soon, Frederik learned that attention was easier to get than love. As he got older, the people showed him attention with toys and cars and their daughters! Parts of Frederik would not be so little when the daughters came to play! Frederik did not have a care in the world! He went all over the world having fun. But Frederik got careless and wandered into a strange land. That day, a clever baba yaga vulture saw him from her tree perched in the yard of her Taswegian trailer. She put beer googles on him and disguised herself into a semi-beguiling foreign creature! Foreign! That will finally make Mama Mor love me forever! But something inside Frederik resisted. He knew that this Feral Cheryl with multiple piercings, no language skills, who could suck the paint off of the panel van she lived in was not good, not right. But he couldn't put his finger on it. So instead, he just kept sticking his other finger in it, because that felt good. One day, as Frederik lay sleeping in his palace, this Hobart hillbilly climbed up the palace walls and came in through an open window. For months, she wouldn't leave. Then Mama Mor found out! And she kicked out this horrible bogan! If only all the people in all the land knew! They would know that Frederik's mother really did love him! But then Frederik's brother was to divorce his wife, the popular foreign princess! Oh no! Frederik's mother was desperate! She knew the people needed a happy story! So she told the people that her son would be marrying the foreign redneck! They were happy, but confused! So was Frederik! He thought making his mother happy would be a good thing! But it wasn't! But Frederik's need for his mother's love was strong! But so was the ugly baba yaga's suction on his wang! So Frederik went along with his mother's plans! And 10 years, countless tears and a million bottles of whisky later we have to ask, was any of it worth it for little Frederik?

Article: Her og Nu

Now comes the film about Frederick's wild years

Christian Tafdrup will play the Crown Prince in the new movie

Crown Prince Frederik's life from when he was in a relationship with Nina Klinker Jørgensen in 2002 until he turned the next page with Mary Donaldson, will be the focus of the film "Frederik's Early Years." Christian Tafdrup both will direct and star in the film, which is supported financially by the Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film and TV 2.

"I cannot get into what people from the Crown Prince's life the film includes, or what events we are addressing, but it is clear that the crucial events and key people in his life are portrayed in the film (...) There is no talk about a revealing documentary report on Frederik's privacy. It is important for me to emphasise that this is a case of fiction based on factual events", says Christian Tafdrup to Politiken. "There is neither a glossy image portrait or a colourful gossipy movie. Our ambition is to portray the raw and realistic, not adventurous or glamorous."

It will primarily be about Frederik's difficulties in accepting his life as a royal - and heir to the throne. "It is well known that he would be king, and that the population to begin with does not consider him to be particularly suitable for it. So of course the film is about a successor to assume his task. But it is also a universal story about a young man who becomes an adult. For me it about a young man in his 20s, struggling with it, often struggling with what his 20s are: his identity and recognition from family and the outside world.However, there is no doubt that Tafdrup and the people behind the film have chosen a period of Frederik's life that has been very controversial. Among other things, during this time he was implicated with his then girlfriend Malou Aamund. In addition, he was in a wide range of circumstances - apart Malou Aamund and Nina Klinker Jorgensen, who was known as Hugo-host of TV 2's Eleva2ren, he formed also a couple with Maria Montell.Christian Tafdrup has not been in contact with the royal family in the process. And the royal family, according to Politiken, chosen not to comment on the upcoming movie."Frederik's Early Years" will be premiered in 2014.

Nina Klinker Jørgensen, high school girlfriend


Malou Aamund



Princess Xenia zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg, granddaughter of Princess Margarita of Greece

Madeleine Bonde, Swedish noblewoman
Katja Storkholm


Mary van Schuyler Raiser, daughter of American Democrat fundraiser

Maria Montell


At Cayx with Peter and Caroline Heering before Caroline became a redhead

Bettina Odum


The "Wild Years" end with a thud:
 But then he manages a few more moments:


  1. Mary's gonna have a COW when this movie comes out and it'll be fresh hell for Fred all over again for her to relive all of his (better) adventures with his gorgeous girlfriends. Hahahahaha! You reep what you sow Mary!

  2. All the other ladies who are classy, beautiful, charming, cultured, educated and/or stylish, and poor derf has ended up being stuck with a rotten egg from boganland.

  3. Katja is the best! Derfie, lucky man...until Yrma became his wife. Poor Derfie, poor Denmark

  4. Thank you for the memories brought back from all these pictures ! Especially the three last ones from 2009 (the brunette girl in Oz who is NOT Mary ) and with the blonde in 2011 right before the Miracle Twins's christening !
    How the sugars can still say that Fred and Mary "only have eyes for each other" after that is beyond me.

    Les 3 dernières photos ont été prises en 2009 et en 2011...donc Frederik est un homme marié sur celles-ci! La brunette est confortablement assise contre ses jambes (on voit le pied de Fred ) la jeune blonde en 2011 en boîte de nuit, ça se passe de commentaires!

  5. Fred and that womant - they definitely had sex!

  6. I can´t believe this. All those beauties and he choosed the pig. Yrma was just like Miss Piggy without her charm.

  7. Why do these European princes make such bad choices? Fred and Mary, Haakon and Mette Marit, Will and Kate, Carl Philip and Sophia Hellqvist. Free from the constraints of marrying only within the aristocracy, they have more options than ever, yet they blow it on these vacuous, unaccomplished idiots. The only one that had a brain when it came to marriage was Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. The Dutch are lucky to have Maxima.

  8. Malou Aamund is a stunner. What could have been. Sigh.

  9. Toutes ces femmes étaient belles et élégantes
    Il a pris la vache la plus laide de Tasmanie

    1. La diablesse de Tasmanie même, en l'ocurrence ...