Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daisy and Henrik Visit An Aquarium Without Pathetic PR Trick of Kissing Through a Metre of Glass

Remember when Madam and her little Frogman Freddles had that hilariously pathetic Looker Us! PR moment at the Oceanarium at the North Sea Museum in Hirtshals during their 2011 summer cruise? Derf got suited up in scuba gear, Yrma waited on a red landing strip of carpet in front of the glass wall of the aquarium, and they kissed (because they are soooooo in love) to prove to us vicious bitches that they WERE MEANT TO BE, DAMMIT. For some reason, Daisy and Henri didn't need to do any such thing on their visit today to open the exhibit The Blue Planet at Denmark's Aquarium in Amager. Weird. It's like they have nothing to prove or nasty rumours of true incompatibility and dislike to counter (and they couldn't find a scuba suit big enough for poor Henri's belly). Not only that, but Daisy and Henri's wedding fund contributed to the costs of this grand exhibit. Hm, so weird. A private fund in a royal's name that isn't a slush fund, but actually contributes to and supports initiatives that help society for the benefit and enjoyment of the peasants? Daisy and Henri clearly do not use the services of The McCann Group, Madam's European marketing and branding representative.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

The royal couple took part in inauguration day at the new Denmark's Aquarium "The Blue Planet".

The Royal Couple arrived at the Blue Planet at 11:00 and headed to the Ocean tank, where HM The Queen and HRH Prince Consort heard speeches by Tårnby's Mayor, Henry Zimino, the architect of the building, Kim Herforth Nielsen of 3XN and chairman of The Blue Planet Building Fund, Bent Frank. Then the queen spoke and conducted the official opening. After the opening, the royal couple took a guided tour of the total 12,000 square metre building which included walking through a glass tunnel under the site's largest aquarium.

The Blue Planet is Northern Europe's largest aquarium and houses with its inner 10,000 square metres and 2000 m2 outdoor areas over 20,000 fish and other sea creatures in 53 tanks and seven million liters of water. The place is divided into five sections: The Faroese Bird Mountain, the Amazon Rainforest, Ocean Aquarium, Africa's Lakes and a coral reef.

The building was inspired and shaped by water eddies and built into the landscape by the Sound. The plant is located on the Sound and is designed with a self-sufficient system of pipes that retrieves Øresund water to the cold salt water aquariums and supplies the building's cooling system. In addition, rainwater is collected for the tanks.

The building, which is Denmark's most expensive with a price of 700 million kroner, is supported by various funds, including the Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik Foundation.

Photos: Adam Mørk, Jesper Sunesen, Keld Navntoft, Claus Bjørn Larsen


  1. That kiss thru the glass was the dumbest stunt. Fred swims thru fish poo and Mary standing like a delicate princess waiting for her man. Modern monarchy my butt. Give me a break. The new acquarium looks like a cool building. Marge looks like a teletubby.

  2. wow!! This is absolutely amazing!! thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!