Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Derf & Yrma in Chile, Day Two: Zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Looking for Brown Poors! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Yesterday, the Danish Derfies spent their second day in Chile, laying a wreath at the tomb of General Bernardo O'Higgins, visited with the Mayor of Santiago, had a private audience with the President and First Lady, attended a luncheon in their honour, then visited the Danish company Grundfos's industrial park where they chatted about centrifugal pumps which Derfie inaugurated. How bout installing a sump pump at Amalienborg that's linked directly with Australia's Gold Coast and sucking Madam back down under where she belongs?

Derf and Yrma, just like in China last year, fail to make any sort of positive impression on the natives. But, Madam is looking for those natives anyway with her point and shoot! If that glossy coffee table book and exhibit in a swank Copenhagen (and later Sydney) gallery are to be complete, she'll need some Latin Poors to go along with her Black Poors and Asian Poors. Madam just loves third world countries! So many great opportunities for her own greatness! Take that, Maxima! You may become queen of some waterlogged nation, but the Poors in your own South American backyard love ME. Madam is still baffled by the thought that Latin is still spoken anywhere.

Meanwhile, Frederik is given Chile's medal of merit, presumably for having managed not to murder his wife. The speech he gave was much more warm and interesting than Mary's speech (below) but horribly delivered. The poor boy is too bedraggled and anxious to give a relaxed speech. Mary probably spent the rest of the day telling him what a f*ck-up he is. And why is Mary giving speeches in the first place? The rest of the time she just manages to look sour and vacant. These two losers are managing to have locals lose interest in Danish investment! BT speculates that Frederik is trying to channel JFK with his new haircut. What else does he have in common with JFK? Blondes!

Photo Gallery: BT (Fred's hair inspiration)

Photo Gallery: BT (Chilean visit)

Video: TV2 (News report)

Video: YouTube (Billed Bladet report with speeches in English)








Photos: Martin Høien, Claudio Santana, Eliseo Fernandez, Klaus Bo Christensen


  1. Why on earth is she wearing a hat..... INDOORS? Seems kind of rude/standoffish while inside. It's also wide enough to be a satellite and does her no favors.

  2. what a laughing stock that such an uneducated, uncultured shallow self-centered woman with no social and language skills has represented a respectable country! Why does Denmark allow it to happen?

  3. She thinks her job just is to look beautiful (well, She doesnt even look beautiful). I Cant stand her. She Thinks She is mother theresa Or the new Diana. She looks really stupid - No style at All
    Billedbladet writes that They Are In love!!!

  4. No need for your stupid hat Mary Donaldson!
    ...the Chilean President's wife isn't wearing a hat ..you follow your hosts' lead ... Idiot bitch!

    Wtf is she saying but butchering Spanish ?? Shut your hole Mary cow!