Friday, March 15, 2013

Derf & Yrma in Chile, Day Five: LOL: Even the Danish Press Doesn't Care So Madam And Her Boy Bring On The Fun Times Themselves!

"I will haunt you forever, Fred. You will never get my ugly mug out of your head!"
This is how desparate it is: BT won't even run these photos at this point; they are running "articles" on how to get Fred's sunnies for yourself. This official visit to Chile has gone on too long and is too boring, headed by two uninterested and vacuous fools and even the sugary Danish pink press can't muster the effort to write about them. Look at them! They've resorted to taking stupid photos of themselves! Even they know they're pathetic!
Video: YouTube
Article: BT (on Fred's sunglasses inspiration)
"Do I look cute like this? I'm pretty sure I do."
"It's better when my face is in shadow. Can't have bright sunlight on what I've paid for so far."

"Get the ruby ring, Fred! That's my insurance policy!"

"I have no idea how to be natural!"

"Your turn to look alone against a moonscape. I'll sell this one to the press when we divorce."
"Yay! A brown person! Dammit, Tanja, it's just you."

"I'm Søren the hairdresser. The makeup is NOT my fault, just the hair."
"Hold me, dammit! Hold me! Lene said we had to. Cece and those RD slags are harping again."
"I wish, I wish, upon a shooting star ... that the Danes give me a raise this year!"
"Yehudi used something like this on me when I wanted twins. If this one misbehaves, can we turn the knob to Triplets?"

"This is my South American My Husband Loves Me Desperately, Dammit shirt. Remember from Copacabana!"

"See? He's holding me because Lene superglued his flask of whisky to my back."
"Smile or you get locked up in this prison and will never see another blonde again as long as you live." 
"You're cuter than her, Mary! You're cuter than her!"

"I'd smile, but I might pop a stitch!"
"I'm pledging Kappa Delta Gamma this year!"

Ol' Iron Thighs is back!

Wedgie on wedges!

Photos: Pure People, Newscom


  1. Im sorry, but being photographed posing for photos????? What idiots, both of them, whether its a farce or not, is really quite irrelevant.

  2. I see Fred finally received some medicinal supplies and not a moment too soon! Imagine the poor bastard having to wake up to that every morning.

  3. Ils sont complètement fous ces deux là !!!!!!
    Ils veulent faire croire que c'est le grand amour alors que c'est faux ; juste des comédiens
    Elle a des attitudes d'une enfant de 2 ans
    Menteur, cochon, fous ....

  4. Your blog is pathetic, nasty, hateful and obviously the writing of a very jealous person. The very few people who comment on this blog are as miserable as you. Nobody can take your rumblings seriously! Your best bet would be to get help as soon as possible and take care of your mean personality and stop poisoning the web with your delusional interpretations.

    1. Oh Mary, how lovely of you to join us. Stick around ... you might learn something ... or not.

    2. WTF are you? The Bogan Defense Brigade? Sticking up for a shallow fame-whore, now that's truly pathetic.

    3. With ignorant suckers like you, no wonder the skanky bogan has got such a big ego.

  5. They look like 2 clowns...

  6. They look like 2 clowns...

  7. Mary is so undressed for the occasion in the last photos. The men in suits and the other woman in a simple dress and blazer...and Mary in beachworthy capris. She's clueless.

    I agree. Even Mary isn't trying hard on this tour and she usually enjoys making love to the cameras.

  8. There are a lot of us who think that Mary is a a fake and empty poser. Fred should have the courage to put an end to this farce.

  9. They look pathetic posing for snaps lol

    Mary in all her fakery! Yuck I can't stand this piece of shit woman!