Monday, March 18, 2013

Daisy Has Speaking Role In Marvelous ITV Production "Our Queen" on Elizabeth, Her Son's Mother

Daisy has a fairly prominent role in the delightful, new ITV production of Our Queen, a wonderful inside look at the British monarch and monarchy that was just released. Daisy was interviewed in her salon at Marselisborg. In her impeccable British accent and perfect English, she talks about the James Bond routine at the Olympics, her own acsension to the throne and how it compares differently to Elizabeth's, but what is also similar about their roles and responsibilities. The take-away is that Daisy will not be abdicating in favour of Derf, ever. She is in it until she is entombed in her glass coffin.

Good news for Denmark, if one is avoiding even the thought of the reign of Kong Derfie and his consort Mary. Derf will have to wait to become king, and Daisy's got the long life genes of her mother's Swedish family - those folks go well into their 90s! Too bad for Queen Mary who is married to a man who seems to have confused himself with Elizabeth's heir, according to this interview in US-based Parade Magazine from 2009. But terrific for Denmark's treasury, which may see itself pillaged by bogans and freckled gargoyles in bad-fitting Wellies and crime scene carpet coats (ahem, Patty). Long life, Daisy!

Video: YouTube


  1. I wish her a long long life, another 20 years or longer for the sake of Denmark. Hopefully, there will be some radical changes by then. No free-loading clown couple or no monarchy anymore.

  2. We are proud of our queen