Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Royal Family: Rejoice! DR Re-Posting Series with Daisy, Derf and Joachim About Royal Cousins

The Danish Royal Family at Fredensborg. This is the portrait that Daisy is said to recommission with current members of the family.

Fantastic news! DR has re-posted the six, hour-long videos for the 2002 documentary production of A Royal Family. This wonderful series discusses the "Father-in-law of Europe", Danish King Christian IX whose six children made illustrious matches.

1. Crown Prince Frederik married Princess Louise of Sweden and begat the current Danish royal line, but also that of Norway.

2. Princess Alexandra married Prince Edward of Great Britain, son of Queen Victoria, and begat the current British royal line.

3. Prince George was installed as the second modern king of Greece and married Grand Duchess Olga of Russia. They begat the current Greek, Rumanian and Yugoslavian royals, with marriages into the British royal family, including the Kents and the Duke of Edinburgh.

4. Princess Dagmar married the future Tsar Alexander becoming Maria Feodorovna and begat the ill-fated Tsar Nikolai II as well as assorted other Romanovs.

5. Princess Thyra married the prince of Hannover, Duke of Cumberland and begat the current House of Hannover.

6. Prince Valdemar married Princess Marie d'Orléans of the French and Brazilian royal houses. They begat Count Flemming (married to Countess Ruth on whose day of death Yrma announced the Miracle Twins) and Margrethe who married into the Bourbon-Parme family and begat the current Queen of Rumania.

The narration is in Danish while the interviews are in English. Interviews are sprinkled throughout the documentary with descendants of these six children of King Christian IX and Queen Louise: Amadeo di Savoia, Alexander of Serbia, Constantine and Anne-Marie of Greece, Princess Benedikte, Michael of Kent, Michel de Grèce, Valdemar af Rosenborg, several Romanovs, and of course, Daisy, Joachim and Frederik who was in the early throes of dealing with the Australian thing living in his Paris apartment.

Videos: DR - A Royal Family, Parts 1 through 6


  1. Can't wait to see that portrait...
    Poor Fred, in 2002 he had already taken the bad road leading him to marry La Boganista...
    Madame MoreMore was supposedly teaching English in Paris then...But no info about the school ever surfaced, not even the school's name. And not a single former student of hers came forward saying 'I was taught English by the CP of Denmark'.
    How strange...That's just another lie about Yrma's CV.

  2. These days, the royals from current reigning houses are so keen to marry down. Some of their choices of spouses like mosh and mm are a joke. Some of these commoners are more like a stench of rancid meat than a breath of fresh air that palace PRs want us to believe.