Monday, March 4, 2013

Sportif!: Derfie Up, Yrma Down: Diminished Yrma Flies Solo and Defensively In Holland, Derfie Prove He Manly in Sweden

Little Mary Boganson protects the Slurrppppppppson family jools: the presque-zizi!

Looking miniscule and easily looked over, Little Mary Boganson did something unusual: she travelled solo to spend a casual weekend in Apeldoorn, Netherlands with the other crown princelies in the run up to Maxima and Willem Alexander's acedency to the throne on 30 April. Funny because Yrma didn't attend the 40th birthday parties of either Willem Alexander or Maxima, because Freddles had his own things to do then and she didn't see fit to show up alone. (Same with Charles and Camilla's wedding - Mary and Frex were one of the few crown princely couples with an invitation, but Derf had an engagement and Mary knew not to spoil a regal English wedding with her uncouth Pictish manners!)

The only one dressed in jeans of course, except for Willem Alexander who as host gets to, Madam showed up very casually without the Derf Man to preen and prance as the beta princess in the company of the rest of the aristocratic bunch assembled (whether by birth or circumstance, everyone else assembled has proven their noble credentials). How long does one have to live in Europe, to be around a crowd of future monarchs, to understand that tight dark-rinse jeans, booties and a boiled wool poncho aren't going to cut it for "casual"? This photo is hysterical because Mary may be in the centre, but she's hiding behind Maxima, cupping her balls while showing off multi-carat jewellery (please not Letizia's non-blinged-out hands), and doing a little cutesy-poo head tilt. Letizia is unafraid to face Mary, blocking her from Felipe, Maxima is doing the same against her own husband, plus leaning away a bit from her shoulders. Mary is a creepy guest!


Earlier back in Copenhagen, something interesting happened. Yrma and Derfie were out for a walk, no doubt Mary's idea under the guise of hashing out ideas for their next living arrangement and child custody issues without fear of being overheard by the children or the grey men. A tv camera was set up in front of a wide open door to a building, and what does Yrma do but walk right in front of it. You can see how Derfie comes back closer to Mary as they pass and get recorded, as if Frederik were willing to do what anyone else would do and walk behind the camera, but runs back up on the curb averting his eyes to the camera to meet Mary as she blasts in front of it, and to her eternal credit, doesn't even give the camera so much as the side eye, although her smirk gives her awat. After all, this was staged to be a "see, they do love each other and do normal couple things like take walks". What's funny is that the reporter or cameraman looks into the camera after they pass and says that was "the Crown Prince and Mary". Interesting that Mary is known by her first name while "casual Derfie" gets to be called the Crown Prince. Who's got the respect now? Oh, Mary, we see through you all too well. You are clever enough to arrange for a "casual" "surprise" "sneaky" appearance on camera to satiate your fame whoring needs, but not smart enough to show us you can do this for your charities. Oh, yeah! You don't do anything good for your charities! Showing up to watch kids wrap a present for you doesn't count as work!

Video: TV2


Meanwhile, the Rehabilitation of Frederik continues with Derf's participation in this year's Vasa Race, the cross-country ski race that he completed last year, as well. Exercising in the sun always helps a depressed soul to feel better and back to normal. But will Derf's normal be good enough? He probably succeeded in getting the alcohol out of his system, but what about a sense of royal duty? And will it help him kick Madam La Boganista to the curb. And let's not forget Anne Sophie Hermansen's wonderful advice for Frex not too long ago: why not share this passion through Derfie's connections to the best people and event spaces to connect sports with kids, not just himself?

Article: BT

Denmark's cool Crown Prince Frederik proved once again yesterday, Sunday, that he is in good shape. There he completed for the second year in a row the 90 km long Swedish skiing course, the Vasa race.

This year Frederik hit his goal for the race being on his cross-country skis for six hours and 37 minutes. It earned him a position as number 4136 out of a total of 14,381 participants.

This gave the royal skier a better position than he was in last year when he finished as 5530th. In turn, the Crown Prince's time two minutes better when he last ran the same distance in six hours, 35 minutes and 32 seconds.

Frederik is far from the only royal who has completed Vasaløbet. Swedish King Carl Gustaf also has, just as Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip both have completed the 90-kilometer distance.

Last year Frederik wasn't the only royal skier in Vasaløbet. But only almost. For last year Duchess Catherine's beautiful younger sister, Pippa, added a kind of royal glamour to the race.

Photos: Jeroen van der Meyde; Vasaløppet


  1. it just doesn't look good that they go separate ways and do their own thing. nothing wrong in doing it once in a while but Fred and Mary seem to prefer to do things separately and go out of their way to avoid being together.
    It speaks volume of a couple who are done with pretending. like they're saying look at us we hate each others guts and are just trying to limp along. Hanging by a thread aren't we Mary?

  2. After wasting a fortune on her wrinkly face, yrma still looks the same with those droopy eyelids and deep lines. She always looks and acts like a skivvy among accomplished people and royals from other countries. She can only big herself up in Denmark and oz with the help of sycophants and trash magazines. She is just a bad joke outside her little bogandom.

  3. Mary and Fred did attend Maxima's 40th! Don't know about Willem's..

    1. You're right, they did go to Maxima's 40th. Thanks for the reminder. Fred ignored Mary the second the cameras were out of sight. They definitely did not go to Willem Alexander's because that was the bigger 'do, with a group photie taken on the steps of a similar castle.

  4. Bwahahahahaha .. Mary cupping her balls! Exactly! can't hurt the presque zizi!

  5. They Are both so selfish, only thinking about their own needs. Not responsible at All.

    Btw they look as though their Are walking and talking about their problems. Look like a couple having big problems.

  6. Where is Mr. Friis Bach? What about dancing a bit in the street with Mary? Or travelling together somewhere? Laughing at each other, changing adoring glances?

  7. Je pense qu'elle a piégé Fred et qu'elle était au courant !
    Tout ça pour faire croire à un "vrai couple" ; c'est un vautour cette femme