Wednesday, March 20, 2013

D'oh!: Yrma Say She'll Always Be Herself: No Wonder She's Skinny Since It Takes Major Energy To Always Be Vacuous and Camera- and Label-Conscious

Careful, Mary, real princesses don't have round shoulders or peekaboo Spanx slips!

In an interview in Her og Nu magazine, Taroona's own Madam La Comtesse de Narcissism talks about her favourite subject: herself! She was interviewed in Chile by some young students who are on the staff of the literary magazine of the children's library Mary visited in Valparaiso. So, imagine as Madam is granting this interview, that she's seated across from 13 year olds in a dress that is too short, with spanx coming out from under it, and four inch high heels and no stockings. This is their representative of modern European womanhood. The interview isn't long, but Mary lets down the side by mentioning the "consequences" of having tricked Derf and Daisy into thinking she was ideal marriage material: responsibilities! Ewww!

You can tell that in the wake of her telling other children years ago that she is "rich in buildings" that the Grey Men told her to say something more along the lines of yes, you're privileged, but you have to mention the responsibility and duty part of the equation. She presents herself as an ordinary housewife by saying that what she "does" is have four children and some generic work stuff thinggies. The coyness about being a princess. GAH. Yes, Mary, what is it like to be a princess. At least she didn't answer honestly that she pillages Danish taxpayers so she and her girlfriends can shop and drink wheatgrass smoothies and that when she hits a cyclist with her oversized car, that she can get away with it since she's above the law. What a buffoon. They can't even let Mary loose with 13 year old Chilean students. No wonder Lene refused Oprah on behalf of the reputation of Denmark!

"Lady, you know your Spanx is showing, right?"

Article: Her og Nu

Mary: I Will Always Be Myself!

A bunch of 13-year-old Chilean schoolchildren from various schools in Valparaiso in Chile were not going to let Crown Princess Mary's visit to the children's library Libro Alegre slip away, and were allowed to interview her for the library's magazine, which they write, and it was there they wanted to know about Mary and life in Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg.

The interview took place in the Chilean publisher LOM's launch of three Danish children's books translated into Spanish, and the young reporters initially asked Mary how much she reads.

Reasonably much, but not as much as I would like. It is a matter of time. But very often we read aloud to the children, said the Crown Princess.

What are the stories you read to children?

Right now we are reading the book Small Seed with great pleasure, which is actually one of those that has now been translated into Spanish, but we won't have to read it every night.

How does it feel to be princess?

That's a good question, laughed Mary. Yes, how is it perhaps to be a princess? It is certainly an enormous privilege, but the consequences are also a great responsibility. And one of the responsibilities I undertake is to focus on the areas we need to talk about, so our society can be improved, for example bullying, as I have worked a lot with.

How was it for you to go from being an ordinary woman to be princess?

You may get the title princess very quickly, but it is a journey like everything else in life. You find the way forward and fill the role, so it feels right for oneself, but you're always yourself, declared Mary.

How was your childhood?

I'm from a family with four children close in age to each other. I grew up in the beautiful scenery of Tasmania, which is part of Australia, and I had a very happy and secure childhood. My childhood taught me that you can do anything you want if you set yourself to it!

Can you dance some?

Yes, I can, laughed Mary.

What kind of music do you dance to?

It varies greatly. Since we have very young children, it often ends with the fact that we dance to children's songs, Danish children's songs, but our smallest are very pleased with an Australian group called The Widows. Otherwise, I like that rock'n'roll, betrayed Mary.

Do not you have an amusing anecdote you can tell?

It might not be so funny, but we were out hiking in the mountains the first day we were here in Chile. We saw so many others who were out walking at the same time. And I think the Chilean population are some of the warmest people I've met. And then a little more princess-like anecdote: young children often expect that when I come, they will see a woman in a very big dress and a crown on her head, and they are obviously disappointed when I come and am dressed like an ordinary person.

What do you do when you are in Denmark?

I fit in my work, and I am with the children, I have four children. It sounds very ordinary, and in many ways our lives are indeed as everyone else's, declared Mary at the end of the interview with the editors of the children's library magazine, whose name translated into Danish is Hole In The Sock.

Photos: Klavs Bo Christensen


  1. It's amusing how the Danish press goes into overdrive in the wake of an overseas visit. They have to undo all the damage Fred and Mary have done. I bet Marge is upset her back kept her from traveling.

  2. "My childhood taught me that you can do anything you want if you set yourself to it!"

    No wonder yrma pursued derf with a vengeance. She is like a stench of rotting meat.

  3. I see the rabid dogs bloggers and sad, sick and dumb followers are still around- frothing at the mouth and spewing garbage.

    1. You better believe it. Sorry you are one of those whose head is buried so deep in Mary's sh$t that you can't see her for what she is ... a vacuous, vicious, narcissistic wannabe who will destroy not only her family but also the Danish monarchy.

    2. What you said is a description of yourself and your skanky bogan instead. Both of you perfectly fit your own description. Go back to worship that thing.

  4. Whether she is with the Chilean children or the African ones, the children's faces say it right. They either look petrified, bored or simply disinterested in her.
    Thank you for this blog. It has removed the scales from my eyes about the 'mary,perfect princess' myth.