Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daisy Distributes Annual Watch Prize to Royal Life Guards

Daisy's a hoot when it comes to her clothes: she really doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. It's good to be the queen. Fur coat, kilt skirt, half-tied flat guards boots to help her aching back and feet. Why not, it's her parade, and her rest and relaxation recently in the south of France and Norway didn't hurt anything.

Sister showed up at the annual Royal Life Guards final ceremony today to hand out the Queen's Watch, the yearly prize given to the soldier voted the most worthy. This year's recipient is Mads B. Jensen. Well done, Mads! Daisy is scheduled to undergo surgery soon for spinal stenosis.

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Dutiful Guards Receive Queen's Watch

Wednesday, Queen Margrethe visited the Royal Life Guards to hand over hædersbevsiningen, HM Queen to guard the Company's best guards. The soldiers themselves and their leaders are the ones who decided who should receive the watch based on being both a good soldier and a good friend. The ceremony takes place at the Queen's parade at the Life Guards' barracks in Gothersgade Copenhagen.

The story behind the Queen's Watch goes back to 1969, when on the occasion of King Frederik 9's 70th birthday, a fund was created. The fund was formed with contributions from members of the Danish Royal Guards Associations and given over to the king's discretionary use for a purpose that would be used for the conscripts of the Royal Life Guards.

King Frederik decided that the interest of the contribution would be used annually to purchase watches with the words 'king's watch' and the respective year, so that at each farewell parade, the Royal Life Guards can be awarded a watch.

The first time the king handed over a watch at a farewell parade was 17 February 1970. The 'King's Watch' changed names after the change of monarch in 1972 to its current name the 'Queen's Watch'.

Photos: Keld Navntoft, Scanpix

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  1. Nice gift. Yrma will give them a 10 DKK plastic watch.