Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Derf & Yrma Attend Kofi Annan's Book Presentation And Go Out To Dinner With Him And the Missus

Billed Bladet would have you believe that Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and Notable Elder Statesman, could not have gotten much of an audience if Derf and Yrma hadn't packed the room at the Royal Library with their friends. Then why is World Famous Africa Saviour and Back Basement Conference Room UN Speaker Mary Boganson - clearly channeling Letizia's working woman style here, rather unsuccessfully with horrid, stumpifying trousers - is just now meeting Mr. Annan. At least she didn't bring her camera to try and take his photie for her upcoming Africa: ME: How I Saved It While Looking Great coffee table book.
Article: Billed Bladet
Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik Met Kofi Annan
Royal Couple spent hours with former UN Secretary-General during his visit to Copenhagen.
By Marianne Singer 20th March 2013
First Frederik and Mary listened intently to his many interesting messages and later in the evening they ate a nice dinner together. The former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was in distinguished company when he visited the capital Tuesday.
The meeting with Annan began in the afternoon as the royal couple took part in the Royal Library event International Authors' Stage at the Black Diamond, during which Annan presented his memoir "In War and Peace".
In about half an hour was the world famous Nobel laureate up on the stage at the Queen's Hall and spoke good form with his Danish co-author Nader Mousavizadeh of the most prominent themes in the book for his 40 years in the United Nations and life in Africa. During the event, he enthralled his audience with his wise words and also got more time smile to the many visitors, many of whom were friends of the royal couple.

Subsequently, guests posed questions to the author for another half hour, then Annan rushed out to sign books for the many people who quickly formed a long queue.

Frederik and Mary went home after the inspiring event to get ready for dinner later in the evening. Here, the publisher of the book, Gyldendal, invited about 50 people out and eat at the restaurant Lumskebugten on the Esplanade, where there was time for a little longer conversation.



Photos: Hanne Juul


  1. She has a man's body. Not attractive.

  2. The pants are way too big on her.. Horrible look!
    Such a copy cat! Letizia suits this style better