Friday, September 28, 2012

FAIL: Princess Yrma Sluuuurrrrrpson in New York: Why Poverty Indeed When You Can Shag a Weak Prince and Live on the Taxpayers' Kroner? Amirite!?

"I fight poverty monthly by giving my esthetician loads of Danish taxpayer money in exchange for face fillers, bleach and wax. She uses it to buy food. Therefore, I am a hero."

Back to The Mary Show! Sorry. Hope nobody's eating! Miss Thang made her way from her "sick bed" during her latest Wounded Wife routine in light of her husband partying all night with his jetset buddies the second they touched down in Copenhagen after a visit to Brazil, all the way to New York City to shop and give a little speech on poverty in what looks to be a basement conference room at the United Nations (Ahmadinejad and Bibi with his cartoon bomb got the main auditorium). The real bomb was here when the woman in a new orangey-red dress two sizes too big marched up to the podium and gave a little speech that she had written down but not memorised.

Mary, Mary, so contrary. The poor UN staffers called in to fill some of the seats couldn't have been impressed with this self-conscious wannabe play-ah and her new hair and face fillers. How 'bout some arse fillers to make the dress fit? And really, Madam, new clothes, Prada stilettos and sparkly jools to make the fluff presentation on a new anti-poverty initiative? Could MoreMore be any less qualified to speak to poverty? Unless she's smarter than we've been giving her credit for being and knows exactly how the Danish state is about to go the way of Spain and Greece because of her stopovers later at Saks and Barneys? Or did she talk about how hard it was going into credit card debt while waiting on her destiny, the Black Amex attached to a whiskey-soaked pudding of a man hoovering kroner straight out of the pockets of hard working Danes?

Photo Gallery: Lehtikuva

Video: DR

Photos: Charles Guerin/AbacaUSA


  1. 10 years in Denmark and she STILL can't speak Danish? Why am I not surprised?! She can't speak English very well either. She only speaks Prada and Louboutin ... doesn't need brains to do that.

  2. Yes, She is so bad at Danish. That is disrespect to us, the Danish people.

    1. And your YOUR Danish Prince married her so go cry me a river and get over it!

  3. She is subdued in the presence of people who are actually making a real difference in the world. I think she only goes to New York to shop. Some anti-poverty icon!

  4. @ Anonym......yes she is subdued in the presence of the people attending the meeting, because she knows she cannot hold a candle to them in terms of expertise and knowledge.

    She is terrified of having a discussion that requires fundamental understanding of what one is talking about.

    Oooops! I guess, she forgot to put that on her cue-cards.

    *....silly-billy, no time for that....have to dash off to Marc Jacobs, Parliament opening is coming up...Toodles*