Monday, October 1, 2012

Sportif!: Meds Adjusted, Derfie Heads Out to Events Carefully Planned With Sports and Fun Latina Ladies to Encourage Him to Work and Look Alive/Human

"Isabel, will you come home with me for whisky and cuddles?"
Freddles has been moderately busy being propped up by his advisors and possibly doctors and most soy-tenly the nannies so as to continue the Potemkin Village that is his public life for the Danes who are concerned about their future king. The bad news is that evidently he still doesn't want the job. The good news is that he'll do whatever you need him to with the added incentive of a combination of manly-outdoorsy sports activities and smart, sexy women. Derf's mood is elevated with role play as the macho foil to womanly South American lovelies. Never mind the inherent chauvinism! It gets him out of bed, off the bottle and interacting with the world at a level not experienced since his meeting at the Slip Inn with The Most Dangerous Woman in the World. Sorry, Danes, but this is the format you must accept until you decide whether to force the Schackenborg line to take over, or dump the whole lot of 'em!
Before his visit to Brazil, Freddles went biking in the forest with a lovely blonde lady and some other people for some event. Something to do with the re-opening of the newly restored Ejby bunker, used as a Cold War central air control. Don't ask Frex, he won't know. (He thinks the Cold War refers to his marriage.) Then off to tropical Brazil, Land of the Caipirinha, to do some work stuff with his uptight and heavily-made up business partner, then back to Denmark to party with friends into the early morning hours, then recover a few days later just in time to meet the touchingly touchy Chilean Isabel Allende on Sunday in Odense. Don't be surprised if all future Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award winners are delightful, uncomplicated, attractive, accomplished lady writers!
14 September, at the Ejbybunker opening in Copenhagen.

30 September, at the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Awards in Odense with Isabel Allende.

Photos: Kristian Juul Pedersen/Scanpix & Crosstown (Ejbybunkeren); Claus Fisker/Scanpix (HC Andersen)


  1. jeez, he is a TOTALLY different person without his wife-bot around. he looks almost human. it almost makes me feel sorry for him.

  2. He always seems more relaxed without that domineering tranny-looking wife. Unfortunately, he made a bad choice of spouse, and is too weak to make any change. He makes his bed, so he must lie on it.

    1. And why do you think he is such a catch? Someone please explain????????????????

  3. Umm to the sugar fairy above here...Mary absolutely thinks Freddie is a catch!! Look at the riches she's amassing by being Fredie's baby mama?! Don't tell me your gold-digging girl ain't loving this uber uber lifestyle and will just grit her teeth and suck it up while Fred continues to cheat on her bony tranny azzz! She's too greedy to just leave like any suffering, cheated-on wife would. She has no self-respect to just walk away...Gold diggers don't walk away, they dig their heels in more and cling on for dear life ...I mean where else would she get another rich lifestyle ? Back in toilet hobart? lmao !!!