Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Prince Christian. You Little Devil.

A little Puck-ish, no?
Prince Christian turned seven years old and MoreMore got out her point-and-shoot for some homemade photies of her eldest meal ticket and heir to the Donaldson genes. Quelle artiste! Not. "Stimming in Oatmeal" must be the name of this series. Madam La Comtesse de Sandy Bay must be the world's only mother who can not bring out her child's personality. These photos show no artistic merit, they take no advantage of that gorgeous, middle autumn, northern sunlight, and Christian's clothes blend into the landscape. He doesn't even seem to look at the photographer with much love. It also looks like someone's borrowed Daddy Derf's Flowbee for a haircut. Yikes. According to reports, the family evidently spent Christian's birthday at the hunting lodge at Trend, where they've spent several of his birthdays since they coincide with the fall break at school.
Good luck, Christian. Lord knows you're gonna need it.

Photos: Mary Boganson

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