Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding in Luxembourg: Derf Takes an Alien Jezebel With a Head Goiter to the Gala Dinner and Jane Stephens To the Wedding

"You realise you could just man up and kick her out if you really wanted to, don't you?"

At first glance, Yrma seems ready to try to position herself just as Kate Middleton's Better. Fair amount of brass for someone with a swampier background than the decidedly monied middle class future queen of the UK. Madam does not disappoint at grand occasions where she is the clear outlier of the royal mob! For someone who does not speak more than two languages (and arguably not either one very well!), it was a hoot to see La Comtesse de Sandy Bay trying to sing along in French during the ceremony. MoreMore is always off her game (her game being triumphant self-promotion in the Danish sugar press) when she is surrounded by multi-lingual, sophisticated, educated, worldly royals and nobles. But dressing her manly figure in a boring, peplumed burgundy suit and extra heavy felt hat as if she were a 50s housewife heading into town for lunch and shopping felt very Kate-like at the detriment of Yrma's tranny, stick-straight figure.

However, on closer inspection, this wedding may be a turning point in MoreMore's style evolution. With deep wrinkles, wonky eyes, manly figure, pursed lips, no fashion sense, and special brand of stupid, it seems that she has finally conceded that she cannot compete with Maxima's inherent chic, Mathilde's sweet grace, Stéphanie's integrity, Letizia's intelligence or even Mette-Marit's conjugal bliss and so she is playing the Aged Dowager Matron card. Just throw 'em totally off their game. If she can't play as a young, vibrant, sexy, chic, smart, cultured, modern woman, the own the dowdy, doddering old bat with a dashing past life. Mary as Aline, the Countess of Romanones! The nutty relative who thinks she was born to a better station and always shows up in over the top but unstylish clothing, over the top jools and hair that seems to be hiding an American football in its nest (if not also a few of Ingrid's rubies). Will it work or is it a one time thing? She doesn't have the requisite kindness of that dottering old rello, nor does she have an ounce of wisdom. Derf just looks minimal and insignificant in her presence. If the effect was to just diminish him, checkmate. But in fairness, she's been working on that for more than 12 years now.

Poor Guillaume to have to have put up with Crazy Cousins Derf and Yrma who was such a rude bitch to the lovely-mannered Luxembourg heir back in 2009 at the Silver Wedding celebrations for Grand Duke Henri and his wife Maria Teresa. Why don't you learn French, Mares, so you won't actually be left out of the conversation instead of getting mad at your husband and friend for speaking in their common language. Very smart of Guillaume to make sure that Madam and her little husband were diverted in their limo from the airport so as not to make such a screaming scene on the red carpet for the gala. Madam in her full-on, too-tight jezebel gown and ostentatious jools isn't quite comme il faut in conservative, Catholic Luxembourg (red is the sign of the devil), but it does live up to the Duchess of Windsor's mantra that you can never be too rich or too thin. Poor Count Christian de Lannoy, Yrma's table partner and brother to the bride; he is doing a hero's job of keeping a poker face confronted with such a strange site. And for Guillaume and Stephanie to have one of the castle ladies-in-waiting pin Madam's neckline together on her way to church so as not to show as much sternum-décolletage was a smart and sensible move. One has to be resourceful when one is required to invite one's weird Danish cousin and his very scary wife.

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Photos: Cour Grand Ducale Vic Fischbach/Christian Aschman, Reuters/Scanpix


  1. That hairdo underscores her status as a real head case.

  2. She looks like an egg-head alien with that silly hairdo. This deluded bogan always waves like crazy as if there were a crowd of people waiting their life to see her wrinkled face.