Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parliament Opening 2012: Nap Time For the Royals!

"10 kroner says the fat one dozes off first."

Well, the Royal Family has arrived at Parliament for their annual midday nap! Benedikte looks the best: happy and in an entirely appropriate and recycled outfit. Daisy and Henrik are in matching lavender, those two lovebirds. (What sort of favour could Henrik be buttering her up for?) The Shackenborgs are nicely dressed in neutral oufits, befitting the solemnity and non-Looker Me! status of the day. Derf looks so happy to have MoreMore back from New York! NOT. But he keeps looking around for his gorgeous MP ex Malou Aamund and those naked animal rights girls from a few years ago. Mary looks like a dominatrix witchy-poo in that severe hat and coat and high-necked, Nanny Bobo lace collar. No doubt a stern message to little Derfie after his open affection with Isabel Allende and his late night partying after Brazil. No worries, Madam also zapped him good with some outrageous shopping bills from the States.

Photo Gallery: Berlingske (past first Tuesdays in October)

Photo Gallery: BT

Photo Gallery: TV2

Video: TV2 (the flower girls were late)

Looking past Mary to see if those naked animal rights girls are in the audience again this year!

Photos: Nils Meilvang/Scanpix Denmark


  1. Marie looks so natural compared to yrma. Yrma looks like a clown

    1. Are you kidding none of them look natural it looks like there out of a wax museum and a scary museum at that.Why oh why is it necessary to have Royal families at least with the taxpayers money get a decent stylist! And eat plenty of fibre as they all look constipated!

  2. Fred looks like crap.

  3. Derf looks like shite! Mary must have really beat him up after she got back from her failed trip to NYC. She seems like the kind of person who would lash out in private then pretend everything was A-OK in public. Creepy people this lot!!!