Monday, October 29, 2012

BOO!: Crown Princess Yrma Vep Says Happy Halloween at a Gala for Danish Lung Association

"Like my sun damaged chestal skin? SEXY, eh mate?"

Halloween has come early to Copenhagen! Princess Scary Mary Boganson dressed up in a very scary costume last night. She dressed up as an eldery lady at the old pensioners' home's tribute to Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8 (the character who was a troubled party/call girl in the ritzy zones of NYC). How appropos! And what a kindness! Trying to either scare the cancer away or to scare people with cancer to death to alleviate their pain. So thoughtful!

Among the performers at the event were Fred's friend Ellen Hillingsø and Mary's evil hairdresser Søren Hedegaard's partner Preben Kristensen.

Time to put away the Medusa hair extensions, bare arms and quite clamy and unsexy décolletage, Mary! You are too old and too ugly to try these tricks. Put on long sleeves and loads of bling because you have entered your dowager gold-digger phase. You may not weigh much on the scale, but your Duchess of Windsor-Countess of Romanones-Baby Jane era has commenced and you are going to scare the commoners even more than you already do, either behind the wheel of your oversized vehicle or with your wonky eyes and manic smiles. If you're going to suck the tax payers of Denmark dry, Mary, try doing it more respectfully and not by ruining their vision or their appetites!

Photo Gallery: Dagbladet Ringskjern

Ellen Hillingsø

Caroline Henderson & Preben Kristensen

Photos: Torkil Adsersen


  1. You'd think this idiot would be more humble in the aftermath of HITTING A CYCLIST AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT and the realization that she's no longer young and was never sexy. What a piece of work. Good luck Danish people.

  2. No! You got it all wrong Anonymous: the cyclist hit HER. How very dare she! Riding her bicycle on the same path as Holy Mary Mother of appalling behaviour. Doesn't the cyclist know that nobody, I say n.o.b.o.d.y. is to get in the prancesses way? Hissssss!

    And to make her point, Yrma had her body guard tell the cyclist where to get off. So, Danish taxpayers, you better jump the curb next time her holiness is driving through Copenhagen.

    BTW, CeCe very funny indeed!

    1. Oh and you were there were you so you know what was said YOU ARE PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This silly moron does not need to wear a halloween costume. She with or without makeup can scare people out of their wits with her crazed stares and pointless talk.

  4. Derf was supposed to go with her, then backed out last minutes. hm wonder what sort of alcoholic/druggie/blonde stupor he's in.. they're both losers.

  5. This blog is a joke and so are the comments do you people have nothing better to do with your time,read about this in a mag had to have a look can't believe what l've read won't be reading again what vicious people you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!