Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Inevitable: Princess Mary Donaldson Hits Bicyclist With Land Rover. Xian & Izzy Witnesses To Their Mother's Recklessness

This was bound to happen sooner or later. The disgusting entitlement and disregard for others with which Yrma and Derf move through their lives both physically and emotionally have finally reaped rotten fruit where Madam La Comtesse de Luxury Vehicles is concerned. MoreMore hit a female cyclist in the streets of Copenhagen while driving around with Xian and Izzy in one of the family's freebie Land Rovers. First, the cyclist at least seems to be ok on initial inspection; she was able to continue on her way after talking to Mary. It is a relief that it wasn't a harder hit, but that woman should still get medical attention because what you can't see is often worse and doesn't show up until later. Unlike Mary does routinely, this woman was fortunately wearing a bike helmet. But the woman should still report this accident to the police! Build up documentation against these privileged jerks.

Mary has been caught speeding through the streets of Copenhagen (and Australia) before, including a couple of times - once through a school zone - after her wedding in 2004 and in 2005. She's also feigned dumbness when confronted with parking issues. She is damned lucky but damned irresponsible as a driver. She married into the royal family which is above the law and cannot be sued, but I hope this episode leaves Mary shaking about her conduct behind the wheel. As a mother, as a princess in a nation that pays all of her bills, she needs to have more respect for the rules of the road. The Danish royals are known for their reckless speeding. Her husband has been dodging angels of death behind the wheels of his freebie cars all of his adult life, the latest incident in 2008 around the time of his brother's wedding near Graasten, and starting with a horrible accident in France with his brother and a couple of their friends that left Daisy so furious she dragged the two brothers to a press conference where she publically denounced their behaviour.

We can only imagine the horrible, cringe-worthy conversation Mary had with this poor woman she had just hit with her car. Mary probably speaking in a very high, childlike voice so that she would come across as vulnerable herself, seeking sympathy and trying to stave off nasty PR and getting the woman to not report the accident. Totally against all legal wisdom. Lene Balleby, court PR flunkie, further exasperates the situation by blaming the car for having blind spots. Fucking what!?! EVERY CAR HAS BLIND SPOTS!!! Besides, if you know your car isn't particularly safe, don't f*cking accept freebies that aren't safe! No one who sits above the law (something that should be changed!) should ever have so many other privileges bestowed on them as in the form of a passive-agressive public relations chief who cannot express sympathy with the cyclist and instead rattles on about the court paying for damages, which out of Lene's voice sounds more like a case of trying to buy off the cyclist so that she won't sue or make a stink that tumbles out of control. The worst part of the whole affair - provided the cyclist is physically ok - is that Izzy and Xian witness their parents again talking their way out of tight spots. HORRIBLE lesson for these privileged wards of the state and neither parent will address the imbalance in their young lives and the responsibilities that go hand in hand with their very comfortable existence. Let's hope the nannies are able to counter-act some of the negative influences that Mary Donaldson and Crown Prince Frederik are unable to address themselves.

Article: BT

Crown Princess Mary In a Right-Turn Accident: Drove Into Female Cyclist

A female cyclist was involved on Monday afternoon in two major scares. Around 4:40pm she collided with a large SUV that suddenly turned in front of her on the bike path, and perhaps an even bigger shock was when she realised who the driver of the car was.


Behind the wheel sat Crown Princess Mary, who in an unguarded moment had hit the cyclist. The accident happened when the Crown Princess swung her brown Land Rover down Slagelse Street from Østerbrogade in CopenhagenA craftsman who works in the building right next to the scene, saw how the two collided.

"She swung to the right and the cyclist was a little in her own world, and then they came together. They were both shocked, and I think the lady on the bike got an extra shock when she discovered who she was facing", he told BT.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that found these two women quickly pitched togetheraccording to witnesses on the ground, they soon began to stand and chuckle together.

Princess Mary was apparently particularly amused that the cyclist offered to send a text message.

After Crown Princess' car drove off, as usual a black car with bodyguards from the Secret Service, PET, followed, but here they do not want to mention the episode.

"We give our opinion never in cases where we are bodyguards for specific people", says the PET.

The accident, fortunately not very serious, was not reported to the police.



  1. This family is nucking futs! Bitch could have killed someone with that obnoxious car. Poor poor Mary my arse!

  2. If the people of Denmark are so willing to put up with that ugly silly bogan as their clown princess and that lazy drunkard their future king, and give those jokers so much power and privileges, they may deserve what they get.

  3. "Blind spots". There is No excuse for this. I hate billedbladet.

  4. doesn't mary have a mini? that is a better car for central city driving. doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out. your car's too big mary. just like your head.