Monday, October 8, 2012

The Clown Prince Couple's Culture Prize: Two Artistically Bankrupt Royals Fete Actual Talented Creators

Disconnected, uninterested, bored people of privilege
The Clown Prince Prizes were held Saturday, 6 October in Sønderborg (next to Graasten) in the presence and with the complete narcissistic participation of Derf and Yrma, Denmark's next reigning couple. Strapped into her tightest corset yet and wearing her trademark gala George Eliot updo, MoreMore was greased like a Turkish wrestler into a dress that was too young and too tight for her. Her dissheveled husband didn't look much better with hair that looked attacked by a Flowbee. When he wasn't physically repulsed by his wife, his lower nature was enjoying her bizarre bogan behaviour like when she pulled out her iPhone to record the rock band Nephew. 'Scuse me? Who does that? It's bad enough that this award ceremony features the couple too prominently, nearly obscuring the contributions of the artists, but then they have to turn into 12 year olds about it?

This annual televised show should be re-thought. Not only is the couple featured making a grand entrance and acting self-consciously on stage, but their family is recorded in the very unnatural situation of pretending to be a real family of people who love and are interested in each other. Derf and Yrma were filmed taking their two oldest sprogs to the National Art Gallery to meet with someone who could actually talk to them about art, then sit alone in a boarded up classroom so the two oldest could make their own pieces. Madam just came across as bitchy and alienated from her children's minds and interests and little personalities; Derf fares a tad better by being a morose assistant to Izzy. Instead of a warm, intimate family moment with the parents being the helpers to their children at an art table, they all do their own thing, then Mary even questions Xian's creation. Xian's turn at the easel yielded an abstract with a lot of black paint. What aspect of a six year old's life is so bad that he's running to the darkest colour in the spectrum? The nannies are those kids' only hope.

Kudos to Derf for trying really hard not to lust in the presence of the sexy flamenco dancer Selene Munoz or the very cute Greenlandic singer Nive Nielsen, but do note that the latter's performance is the only time that MoreMore reached over to grab Derfie's hand! Territorial in front of a cute babe (Yrms knows about Derf's Greenlandic jones) at a show ostensibly to celebrate the creative and socially conscious class - that's our silly bogan!

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Video of full length programme: DR1

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Article: DR

The Crown Prince Couple At the Museum Before Saturday's Prize Distribution by Louise Damløv, DR Nyheder

On Saturday at 9pm on DR1, see the big show The Crown Prince Couple's Prizes 2012 where 4 prizes among other things will be awarded.The Crown Princely Couple had earlier come with their two eldest children Prince Christian and Princess Isabella to the National Gallery of Art. Here they talked about what art and culture mean to them. The exclusive interview with the royal couple will be shown during the show "The Crown Prince Couple Prizes 2012" produced by DR and transmitted on Saturday 6th October at 9pm.

Here you will also see many artists appear blah. Nephew, South Jutland Symphony Orchestra with Efterklang, Steffen Brandt, Selene Muñoz and more surprises. The royal couple themselves, together with a competent committee chooses the award winners. During the show the royal couple hand out prizes on stage, and the audience and viewers can experience them through the exclusive footage from the National Gallery of Art.The total annual premium of 1.1 million is a wedding gift from Bikubenfonden behind the show in collaboration with DR. The Crown Prince Couple Prizes are a tribute to Danish culture, according to the organisers. And this is the ninth year that the royal couple have awarded the prizes."Every year, since we instituted the prize, it has been a great pleasure for us to experience the royal couple's big commitment to distributing prizes", says the director of Bikuben Fund Søren Kaare-Andersen.

The Crown Princely Couple's Prizes 2012

• Crown Prince Couple's Culture Prize of DKK 500,000, which is awarded to a significantly younger Danish artist with an international standard. (Jakob Martin Strid, self-taught children's book author/illustrator)
• Crown Prince Couple's Social Prize of DKK 500,000, which is awarded to a pioneering social initiative or project. (Danish Red Cross Youth)
• Two cultural Stardust prizes of DKK 50,000, which is awarded to two young Danish artists who are about to break through. (Bjarke Mogensen, accordion player and Nive Nielsen, Greenlandish singer/songwriter)




Photos: Karsten Jacobsen, DR;


  1. Once again I have to ask," Where are the miracle twins?" Princent and Josie are at an age where they, too, can participate in a simple art project. This so called family moment might have appeared more realistic if all the children were there.

  2. Something must go wrong in the bogan's life. She has aged tremendously but not gracefully over the past few years. The fourth last photos shows multiple creases on her neck and deep lines along her mouth. No matter how much tax-payer money she has wasted on her face, she still looks like an ageing transvestite.

    1. Anyone would being married to him!!! By the way how many creases and lines on your face!

  3. Maybe Fred has a crush on that Greenland girl? Yeah, where are the miracle twins? But better if they're not with Mary, and being raised by nice nannies!! Mary looks very old here.