Friday, October 19, 2012

Yrma in St. Petersburg, Day Two: Why Did Denmark Send British Royal Nanny Bobo McDonald to Russia?

Dowdy alert! Yrma La Douche seems to have packed her bags with orthopaedic shoes and stockings and Nanny MacGillicuddy-length skirts and blouses the colour of bed sores. Dear me. Perhaps she thought this was an appropriate outlet for interacting with Russian children at the Hermitage art school? The Soviet era is over, Mares, relax! Quite an old lady pooch she's got hidden under that natural-waist skirt, too; look how it's about to pop as she sits at her drawing desk. MoreMore is no artist, but she is always fond of waving her hands around whenever she is near art. Anything that the cameras would pick up as "natural, artistic instincts". All in service of making her future photographic exhibits of Poor Brown People have a greater air of gravitas.

9 October, Day 2 of her St. Petersburg jaunt, Madam also visited Baltika Brewery (Carlsberg) since the DRF finally realised that sending Derfie would be too damaging. Beer is carbs and Madam won't touch carbs if she wants to get into all these new clothes again! Most insultingly, MoreMore set flowers at the memorial to those who lost their lives defending Leningrad in WWII. What does Yrma know or care about the European battles of the past? She has no idea how lucky her flat bum is to have benefitted from the generous period of growth and prosperity that followed that horrible war (and she's too blind to how that is all starting to slip away). If it didn't happen in the back of a ute in Bondi after 1988, it didn't happen, in her book.

Her inner faux-minx came out later at a cocktail party with new stilettos and a new frock. The visit was arranged under the guise of "Green Denmark - Green Fairytale". There is nothing green about Madam's non-sustainable lifestyle and misappropriation of funds!


Photos: Martin Høien, Newscom


  1. Is she trying to copy Kate? I think so

  2. She's wearing her lil black dress and "come fcuk me" shoes! But Fred wasn't with her on this whose benefit were they for?
    Get yo flirt on chicca!

    drama drama drama....!