Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Prince Felix and His Mum Get Thrown a UNICEF Crumb and Enjoy a Photographic Display With a Cuppa

Oh, the contrast between the Schackenborg lovelies and the royal bogan children is just too delicious! And you have to love Alexandra for her innocent but inescapable revelations about the Schackenborg princes' upbringing versus that of the tragic brood at the psychodelic palace (we'll have a private discussion about her tragic highlights later). Prince Felix accompanied his mother Countess Alexandra to a UNICEF event (the patronage that Yrma takes over when William and Kate come to town, or when she and her point-and-shoot can make a little artistic holiday in Africa) to celebrate a true photographer's work in the Central African Republic and celebrate the launch of a water purification tablet. Art and substance! Not empty posing and preening!
Alex's unintentional subliminal smack down of the Boganson kiddos is aided by Her og Nu's writer who gushes about Felix's lovely manners and self-control. No pulling faces here! No digging for boogers! No spazzing out or stimming! By contrast, we have here a real budding interest in the artistic offerings! A polite young man who gamely participated in the day's life-changing offerings to people across the world who require access to clean water! A young boy who listened to his mother when he got a bit carried away by the peanut paste samples! The seeds of altruism and selflessness planted in rich soil! It will never be too late, Danes, to install the Schackenborg line on the throne!
Article: Her og Nu
Prince Felix Drank Contaminated Water
Countess Alexandra is rightly proud of her curious and inquisitive son, Prince Felix, who unreservedly had a taste at a UNICEF event for children in need.
There were neither wrinkled noses or gagging sounds when 10-year-old Prince Felix bravely drank a glass of contaminated water cleaned with a water purification tablet.
In fact, his mother, Countess Alexandra, 48, was so impressed that she also grabbed a glass of muddy water and drank it.
"It actually tastes a lot like water", found the countess and triggered laughter in the tent at Nytorv in Copenhagen, where she worked as patron of UNICEF together with Prince Felix opened the photo exhibition UNICEF Children's Fight For Survival.
And it's not just Prince Felix who is happy to accompany his mother to work.
"Prince Nikolai would have helped here, but he will be sadly later finished school today.
He could have skipped the last hour, but that wouldn't go", said Countess Alexandra.
The very beautiful and poignant photos taken by award-winning photographer Jan Grarup who has traveled the Central African Republic in Africa with UNICEF. The exhibition also gives examples of other tools which UNICEF uses outside in disaster areas, and while the adults drank coffee and ate cookies, Prince Felix was ready to taste one of the emergency rations with a bold peanut paste, which can keep starving children alive
"It tastes good", Prince Felix smiled and took a long spoonful of peanut paste.
And after eating almost an entire portion, mother Alexandra admonished Felix to let the rest lie and instead grab a cup of hot cocoa.
As patron of UNICEF, Countess Alexandra has traveled to developing countries, and she hopes that she can inspire her sons to do the same.
"I will not force them into something they should even feel like it. But we talk about it at home, and charity should start at home", told Countess Alexandra, when she and Prince Felix had seen the exhibition.

Photos: Bo Nymann


  1. Alexandra's work ethnics and parental skills puts the bogan to shame. Her boys are always well-mannered in public. On the contrary, the bogan's brats are attention-seeking,and a bit weird.

    1. Are you for real get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not to mention Alex has more intelligence and brain power in her pinky finger than MARY MORON!!!

    the only smarts Mary had was duping Fred to marry her. Literally being his booty call, in his face in Copenhagen until he caved in and his Queen mama needed a distraction from Alex and Jo's divorce so along came gold digging Mary and voila! She wasnt what they had in mind but she'd do to divert bad publicity.
    Mary had the luck of good timing on her side and able to manipulate her way into the RF. The RF needed a distraction and good publicity to counter the bad news of the divorce and Mary greedily took it and ran with it..she won!..

    .so I'll give her that..she's got smarts to snag herself a rich hubby. Beyond that she's a lightweight. Stupid, inept and unintelligent. Denmark got themselves just a cunning poser in the bargain and Fred is paying for it now.