Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bien Jouée! Princess Marie Participates in Fire Training With Local School Kids in Tønder

No, Madam didn't punch Marie, that's just play acting makeup for the rescue demos.

What a natural! Princess Marie was in fine form as she helped her local elementary school complete a two year long fire prevention program. Engaged and happy to be there, interacting well with the students, being very helpful and maternal in her approach - this is how a Danish princess should be! In the video below, a young student finds that Marie is "very friendly". Helping on a local level, with long-term involvement for maximum relationship-building, full participation instead of just observation and only the most common-sense acknowledgement of her position (flowers, formal entry, diploma distribution). Marie knows that there is no i in team!

Poor fame-hungry, camera-whoring Princess Yrma of Pictish Infinity. She has not tuned into the fact that getting out into the peasant-laden provinces acksherly gets you more attention from the press. Manly sows with new pricey foreign-label shoes and lipstick don't get attention in either the capital or the whisky-soaked suburbs, especially if you spend the rest of your time focusing on international attention through visits to Africa with a camera or to the US with the black Amex. Some strategery from our marketing genius Princess Buzzle!

Photo Gallery: Uge Avisen

Photo Gallery: JV

Video: TV Syd

Article: JV

Princess Marie Extinguishes Fire By Uwe Iwersen

FIRE AND WATER: It's not every day that you have a royal firefighter and teacher at your schoolThis is what students at Tønders Primary School had yesterday.

Princess Marie was pulled into her contingency uniform and therefore gave extra luster to the Fire Prevention Day which took two school years to go through.

It was part of the nationwide "Learn about fire-campaign 2012of which Princess Marie is patronAnd she is not afraid of fire or water: Following the instructional education, as she had gone through in 2011, Princess Marie was able to extinguish fires, spray nozzles and finally handed out diplomas to students.


Photos: Uge Avisen


  1. Marie was completely Charming and I Loved her interaction with the children. She must be a good mother.

  2. Mary, Marie - both full of themselvesOctober 5, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    Now, if the fourth-last photo were Mary, you would comment that the children she is talking to are not looking at her and that the girl might be saying “Yeah, whatever, just please go away already.” And the third-last photo, same thing, you would snark that Mary very rudely let her long hair hang in that girl’s face. Just as examples... knowing how you love Mary so.

    1. Congrats totally agree bravo!!!!!

  3. Love these photos! Yes Marie is completely engaged with the kids. She's there for the kids not for her!

    Mary would all be about her and hogging the stupid camera. And anyway Mary wouldn't touch this kind of outing! It's too messy for her and not glamorous at all!! She is THAT vain!!! If it doesn't get her to stride out in prada and gucci sh¡t dressed to the nine she wouldn't volunteer ...It's all about her "glamour" image which is bullsheeeit because she still looks like a crazy starving hyena even with all her designer gear!! Vulgar and vile this Mary joke is!!!