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Daisy & Henrik Get Up To Their Business Including a Friend's Funeral at Which No Pictish In-Laws Have Been Allowed To Slurrrrrrrrrp Up the Buffet

Daisy Gangnam Style!
Daisy's been active lately with several activities. While Yrma was in St. Petersburg promoting her Wild Swans costumes, Daisy was at Tivoli on 8 October since she is responsible for the scenography and costumes for the Tivoli Ballet's production of the Nutcracker this Christmastide. She turned up for the first rehearsal the other day to see how the production was all coming together. She's been doing costumes for the past 11 years for Tivoli's Pantomime Theatre and for the past 21 years for the Royal Theatre. She has some adorable if not professional watercolours included in the link to the slide show below.
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She also suffered the loss of her very good friend Anita Garth-Grüner on 28 September. Anita was one of Daisy's ladies-in-waiting and a member of the aristocracy. The funeral was held at Tibirke Kirke on 11 October. No Slurrrrrrrrrrrrppppsons were allowed near the church or the buffet.

Obituary: Politiken

Article: Her og Nu

The Queen Dissolved in Tears

The tears flowed when Queen Margrethe followed her good friend, former court lady Anita Garth-Grüner's flower-adorned casket from the funeral in Tibirke Church out to the waiting hearse. She was beside herself and so distraught that she wept openly, and you've never seen the Queen so dissolved by grief.

Anita Garth-Grüner's friendship with the Queen began when Her Majesty in 1981 asked her if she wanted to be her maid of honour or lady-in-waiting.

"It was a job that meant a lot to Mother, but friendship mattered most, said the former lady-in-waiting's daughter, Beatrice van Hauen, in her heartbreaking final speech to her mother, who experienced so much sorrow in her life.

The words faith, hope and love went again in both the pastor's and her daughter's voices, and Beatrice van Hauen explained that the grief you experience is the diagonal of the love they had for the person you have lost.

"But you were fiesty and had willpower. You fought bravely and earnestly to maintain hope despite loss", said Beatrice van Hauen to her mother, who lost her only son when he was only 13 years old, and her first husband, master baker Leo Mac van Hauen, in 1991 after 31 years marriage.

The lady was alone for six years before she got together with Chamberlain, Royal Hunt Torben Garth-Grüner and according to her daughter's words was happy again from one day to the next. The couple were married in 2000, and the following year the lady, who was 77 years, asked the Queen to be relieved of her job, so she totally could devote herself to her husband and family.


Henrik did his bit to be busy on 4 October with a visit to Holstebro and Mors where he reviewed a the Dragon Brigade, met a parrot at the Jesper House Zoo and admired the flowers and a drawing exhibit at the adjacent Botanical Gardens, and opened Classical Days at the concert hall with a reading of his poems. Henri is game and fun, too bad that isn't appreciated better among the Danish public, because he seems like a hoot.

On 3 October, Daisy and her Henri went to open Frederiksborg Castle's exhibit on China.

Photos: Keld Navntoft, Michael Stub, Karsten Peier

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