Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FAIL: Princess MoreMore Donaldson Steps Out In Spanx To Meet With Hastily Assembled Power Players To Make Her Seem Important

A highly sexualised and orange-clad Princess Yrma did not make a mark on New Yorkers or other Americans with her recent four day visit to Manhattan. Madam did loads of shopping and in between spent two hours in a back-of-house conference room at the United Nations for the "Why Poverty" initiative kick-off, and another two hours yesterday under the guise of the ambiguously named High Level Task Force to show off a curvaceous platter of thigh fat squeezing out from her Spanx bike shorts, wrapped in a striped, cow-print dress, matching her new hair dye to her orange dress, shoes and bag and obligatory Dulong. She's learning...all the wrong lessons. Sigh. One of the people Madam's goons were able to wrangle up for this High Level Task Force (To Make Madam World-Famous) is the president of Mozambique, who not so coincidently agreed (under duress?) to have Madam visit his country in early November. MoreMore also wrangled the president of Finland out of guilt for her husband's curiosity about Yrma's family order (Mares actually thinks he was looking at her non-existant breasts!). Madam can make things happen for her own publicity (sometimes), but can't seem to be of any use to the problems of worldwide poverty, maternal deaths and - what was that other, Diana-sanctioned activity she used to care about? - oh, yes, land mines. Madam seems more interested in having as many African nations stamp her passport than really focussing her attention on any one region and relief effort. As The Latin Poors recently discovered, the fate of The Black Poors is not really anything but being a backdrop to MoreMore's latest wardrobe find. Oh, and if they're really lucky, a moment in time framed on the walls of a European gallery during Yrma's The Poors: A Royal Photographic Retrospective.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Photos: Jesper Sunesen, Billed-Bladet; Lehtikuva

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  1. Mary the useful idiot!!December 4, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    I swear she only goes to nyc to shop on 5th ave!!
    What a useless woman!!
    It's hard to promote yourself when nobody really cares! Nobody gives a damn about you mary ...it's all in your head that you're this big person ...lol...maybe back in Australia where they'll believe anything you dish out but that's it! Outside of your fantasy you're just this gold digging Biiiitch !!

    Oh and your pantylines are showing idiot!