Thursday, October 25, 2012

Slovakia State Visit, Day Two: MEMEMEMEME: Madam Notes How The Press Notes Derf's Attraction to Helle And Raises Her A "Happy, Delightful" Mood. Joachim and Marie Sense Trouble And Take Off Early To Attend James Bond Premiere of Skyfall.

"Hahahahaha. I care more than this old chick!"

Yrma La Douche is such an ugly piece of work. Here, the First Lady of Slovakia is in town on a state visit and Madam can't help but need to put herself upfront and centre, positioning herself smack between Mrs. Silvia Gašparovičovás and everyone the poor lady is supposed to be meeting. The First Lady is supposed to be learning from these specially chosen visits to Danish organisations and able to ask questions and meet people first hand so that she can take information and new ideas back to her home country for possible implementation within Slovakian society. But nooooooooo. MoreMore has to have her own way. She must still be smarting from going to the set of The Killing with the Duchess of Cornwall and watching dear Camilla being given a jumper just like that of the show's star, while Yrma Vep sucks the life out of such a generous moment with a visitor by pouting until someone threw a down "crime scene" coat at her (which she still found undesirable!). Mary Donaldson is so unroyal.

In the evening, the entire royal family was present at the Tivoli restaurant where the Slovakians offered a return dinner. Yrma was in a new dress, naturally. Reading the mood of the evening, Marie and Joachim arranged to go out later to the new James Bond film premiere, Skyfall. Joachim wore the same jacket he wore to his pre-wedding party in 2008 and Marie wore the dress from the pre-wedding party in Monaco last summer. Good idea to have a backup plan so as not to spend anymore time with their sister-in-law than necessary! Freddles, where is YOUR Plan B!?

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Photos: Torkil Adsersen, Hanne Juul/Billed-Bladet, Martin Sylvest Andersen


  1. It's appalling what Denmark puts up with. I'm still speechless over the story of Mary hitting a person with her car...and getting away with it! At this point I really do think the Danes deserve what they get.

  2. Princess Marie and Prince Joachim always seem to be photographed holding hands and being affectionate. Whereas, it's rare to see CP Mary and CP Frederik showing any sort of affection towards one another.