Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Charles and Camilla in DK: The Killing and a Mentally Disturbed Girl Named Mary

Get 'er, Milla! Do it, girl!! Do it for all of us!!!

Is Princess Mary retarded? Her Baboon Social Tourette's is in full swing. What in the heck is this little patty-cake clap that she gives when the delightful and calm Camilla receives a "Sarah Lund cardigan" from The Killing star Sofie Gråbøl (video in the Sjællands Nyheder link below)? Never fear, The Killing crew knows what they're doing. Despite the smiles (these are actors, after all), Mary was given a crime scene coat. FITTING! She is a crime scene! Plus, it's a nice homage to sister Patty's arriviste tendency to wrap herself in a faux-fur coat made from brown crime scene carpet. Zing!

Poor Yrma, she made such an effort with her Kate Middleton scarf and hair weave. Yet she forgot to pack her manners, rudely interacting with Camilla so that all focus would be on Her Boganness and leaving Camilla to walk alone so that she could get camera time with an actual tv star. Overreacting is Yrma's way of attempting to connect with people. I wonder if Yrma bored all the crew and guests with stories from her own time as an actress (in a Victoria train advert)?

Camilla's interest in the show was greatly appreciated by the actors. Nikolaj Lie Kaas - who is a big star in Denmark - has a role on the show and mentioned on video that keeping shows alive (and therefore actors and crew members employed) is due to people being expressive about the show's popularity to them, and what better fan of the show than the high profile Duchess of Cornwall. Mary doesn't show interest in Danish things, unless Heartmade or Malene Birger are giving away freebies!!

Video: Sjællands Nyheder

Article with Video: Daily Mail

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Sofie Gave Camilla A Sweater

The Duchess was presented with a real Sarah Lund-sweater when she visited the filming of "The Killing".

In the company of Crown Princess Mary, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, visited the filming of the TV series "The Killing" on Tuesday.

The framework for the royal visit was as atypical as the gift the Duchess was given by the series' main character, Sarah Lund, played by Sophie Gråbøl.

The visit took place in a garage in Lynge, north of Copenhagen, where filming for Season Three is in full swing. Camilla received a sweater like the one Sarah Lund wears in the series, while the Crown Princess was presented with a warm "crime" coat.

It was the second time series producer, Piv Bernth, author Soren Sveistrup and Sofie Gråbøl met Prince Charles' wife, Camilla. The "crime" team greeted the princely couple at a reception at Amalienborg on Monday.

And for Sofie Gråbøl it was something special to welcome the Duchess the day after on her own workplace.

"It is very special to meet her today. Now, I was away with her yesterday, and she is here today. I told her to bring flat shoes," she said with a smile, shortly before the royal motorcade arrived.

The Duchess was later wearing high heels as she and the Crown Princess were shown around on set. They saw light trailers, make-up trailers and greeted the actors.

Also attended the filming of the sixth episode, where Sarah Lund is on assignment with two colleagues.

Both Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla watch "The Killing," which is what "Forbrydelsen" is called in Britain.

Seasons One and Two have been shown on British TV, and it was Camilla's own desire to visit the filming of the series in connection with the official visit to Denmark.

At home, the series will be back in autumn, when DR dazzles up for Season Three to debut on 23 September.

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