Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fail: Waiting List at Christmas Seals Homes Skyrockets

Awkward! Mary's patronage of the Christmas Seals Foundation, including their homes for overweight and bullied children isn't really having an effect, eh? The waiting list for kids to get into these facilities is through the roof. Not really surprising when Mary's visits to these homes in the past have included taking control of her own publicity by jumping on the trampoline with more energy and vigor than the children themselves. Can't the Mary Fund syphon off some ALERKA money to maybe build one more home, then use more for effective educational programming and equipment with qualified leaders in child welfare, health and development? Mary can't petition for more children being served, either on her own as Crown Princess or via her foundation or by proxy through a cooperative government minister? Can't she pass on one of her comforting, life-saving Buddy Bags to these vulnerable children? Can't she at least share her favourite wheatgrass smoothie recipe or kick in a box of Melba toast? Mary could even make a speech trumpeting the need and good works of this institution, just to think of something Charles would do in the UK. Nope, nothing that penetrates Mary's little pea brain is worth bothering with. Unless it's a shoe sale. I almost wish she'd send them a giant, yummy, heavily frosted and decorated cake with a note to "Eat this". MoreMore Antoinette would be getting that much closer to being carted away on a tumbril!

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

The Waiting List for the Christmas Seals Homes Explodes

617 children on the growing waiting list, and each child waits 8-14 months for help.

Such is the situation right now that concerns the four Christmas Seals Homes in Denmark, writes the Frederiksborg County newspaper.

"This is the highest number of children on the waiting list ever," says Søren Ravn Jensen, director of the Christmas Seals Foundation.

The number of applications for many years remained stable at around 500th But just over a year ago it exploded almost. The director sees it as an indication that obesity is a growing problem for both the older and younger age classes. But also as an indication that more children feel alone and isolated in modern society. Today the Christmas Seals Home namely helps not just overweight children, but also takes care of children with a wide range of problems like lack of self-esteem, bullying and isolation.

"Waiting lists alone are enough of a problem. Many are desperate and have been very careful before they reserve a stay with us. For a child in an overloaded situation, 14 months of waiting is a very long time," says Søren Ravn Jensen.

In October, the Christmas Seals Foundation received 16 million kroner from special funds for health for the years 2012-15.

"But the rate of the money pools will unfortunately not save us. They say that we should not cut down on the number of children that we help each year. But when the waiting lists and the need grows, as we see it, we can - in spite of rate pools - difficult to follow," says Søren Ravn Jensen of Frederiksborg County newspaper.

Yesterday, former Social Minister Benedikte Kiaer visited the Kildemose Christmas Seals Home near Ølsted.

"This Christmas Seals Home has very good results, and the children who showed us around were obviously very proud of what they had achieved. It is important that we ensure they can maintain their level," says the conservative political spokesman.

There is currently not a similar offer for overweight and burdened children in the public sector as in these four congested homes that the Christmas Seals Foundation operates.

Photo: Bjørn Ambjørn

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