Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Royal Friend Rigmor Zobel's Coke Pusher Dies; Derfie in Fetal Position

This shit is crazy. Future Queen of Denmark Mary Donaldson's best friend is Miss Amber Petty who get bitched slapped in pubs, steals husbands and hangs with bikie gangs, sometimes within hours of bikie murders. Ties to her are never tethered once Miss Donaldson gets the ruby ring; Amber is still to this day invited to royal parties. Now, Yrma and Derfie's friend Rigmor Zobel (daughter of Peter Zobel, one of Daisy's rich friends and former husband to Henriette Zobel who designs for Pureheart) is back in the news after making headlines through pleading guilty to possession of cocaine and avoiding jail by paying a fine. Rigmor's dealer has now been murdered and all the ugly details are coming out, including a Hell's Angels association. Mary and Fred hang with these people - still! Probably partake of the 'supplies', too. Are those two tone deaf and arrogant or what!? Can you imagine how quickly a republic would be declared in Spain if this had been a friend of Felipe and Letizia!? Dear Danes, your gift of tolerance for these two needs to be extended to the people who immigrate to your country and want to partake in the standard societal give and take that all other Danes do, not to future King Frouie and MoreMore Antoinette! Young Global Leaders, my arse. Revolt!

Mary with Jesper Ravn, Rigmor Zobel's husband, in the background at a private dinner.

Article: BT

'It sounds as though I had a little crush on him.' So explained Rigmor Zobel Ravn in Copenhagen City Court in 2010 about her pusher, 36-year-old Andreas Dybdahl, when she had to explain a series of text messages and telephone conversations between the two.

Tuesday morning at around 6:30, he wound up in one of his two residences in Copenhagen, and was shot four times in the head and chest.

BT has previously revealed that the pusher has for years been a familiar face in the country's jet-set environment, and that he has close ties to the Hell's Angels - including the prominent Christiania-dealer Kenneth 'Cosby' Vigholm.

"We don't see each other very often. When we meet, we meet as friends and talk. Not with any particular purpose. We eat together, drink cocktails and play tennis," said Rigmor Zobel in court about Andreas Dybdahl, who according to prosecutors should have been her drug dealer from February to July 2006.

Fateful meeting

During the criminal proceedings against Rigmor Zobel, it emerged that it was 'Cosby' that more than 10 years earlier had introduced the two. Something that would prove to be fatal.

Because both Andreas Dybdahl and 'Cosby' were under investigation for extensive drug-related crime.

And so the officers listened when a business woman in the months following assiduously tried to make contact with drug dealers.

"Can I get you to call her? She keeps ringing me, man," said 'Cosby' in a conversation 8th July 2006 with Andreas Dybdahl.

"She's also been doing it to me two days in a row. She calls every five minutes," said Andreas Dybdahl.

Drug trap patted

The drug trap was clapped shut against the newly murdered three days later. Here, police searched two addresses in Copenhagen. One was the apartment on Sønder Boulevard in Copenhagen, as rented by Andreas Dybdahl's mother - the other a storage room in Købmagergade, which he used for his clothing company Flamingo. A company that has since become known as the business relationship and clothing supplier to rapper The Joker, who himself has the record company Flamingo Records and is a close friend of Andreas Dybdahl.

Search and the many interceptions paid off: At the addresses, police found a quarter of a kilogram of cocaine, a flick knife and cannabis and ecstasy, and when the matter in went to trial in November, confessed Andreas Dybdahl without reservation.

The former unpunished man was at the age of 31 years sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

Waited for three years

However, the case against Andreas Dybdahl was initially to have no consequences for the jet set queen. In any case, should the drug section through the entire three years hold the incriminating phone calls and text messages between her and Dybdahl, before the investigation towards a new pusher who Rigmor Zobel used when handling, got to clap trap.

And here Andreas Dybdahl was a key witness for the prosecution.

In court, he acknowledged without reservation the fact that he had supplied cocaine to the jet-set queen.

"He has in the past few times transferred cocaine to defendants (Zobel, eds.). This is fewer than five cases, and it typically has a maximum centered on a gramme at a time," was Andreas Dybdahl's attorney's explanation.

Rigmor Zobel was fined 20,000 kroner for the purchase of six grammes of cocaine.

Yesterday, she had no comment on the loss of her long-standing friend.

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