Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mary at Hospital Event Shows Her Discomfort with Strangers and In Her Own Skin

Mary's more weirded out than her poor hosts!

Thursday, Mary went to Holbæk Hospital for a heart foundation event and leaves all hearts broken and bleeding in her wake. The hand-wringing! The overcompensating smiley laugh! The distance between herself and the people she meets! The formality that the court has realised is necessary for Mary's comfort! This chick is not a happy, easy-going person. And are the people there weirded out by the amoeba-cuffs avec evil eye on her (new!) jacket? Is that to ward off sick people? No wonder she can't put other people at ease, including her beleaguered husband whose nervousness is compounded by Madam's presence. Good that they are still working separately. Team work in this court means splitting the clown princes up!

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Poor girl! She looks brave through all the man hands handling. That's it, hon, stare forward, no eye contact and the beast will be bored soon enough and move on.

It's like her soul has Botox!

The hands give it away

Clawed hands give the game away, eh?

Photos: MIK

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  1. Did you happen to see the video of this event? Hospital staff carried on about meeting Mary. No wonder she has such a huge ego.