Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bangladesh: Crown Prince Freddles Steps Up to Work with Children

Work2Learn: "The Crown Prince with 12 year old Ronny. Ronny works six days a week, 12 hours a day, at a lunch box factory."

As reported earlier, Freddums went to Bangladesh 16-19 March, with Save the Children as part of their observation of the efforts of the Work2Learn program. When he's far away from Madam La Comtesse de Monpezat, he is indeed a different person. Being around kids helps - he's one himself - but when he's separated from his wife (the relationship between miles distance and happiness is in direct proportion), you see tiny, little glimmers of the man who could be or once was or could have been. It's rather sad, but nice in the moment. Hopefully, he is also getting a bit of a lesson in humility since he is meeting with children who have worked more in their young lives than he ever has in his.

Photos: Danish Royal Website

The Crown Prince together with Save the Children's Secretary General, Mimi Jakobsen, visited one of Save the Children projects in Dhakas slum. The project tries to give older children the skills to teach the younger ones to read, write and know their rights. During the visit, the children played in the theatre for the Crown Prince and Mimi Jakobsen. The play must get the children to discuss how to help a girl who has been abused. The Crown Prince, in connection with a visit to Save the Children project Work2Learn, also visited the elementary school attached to the project. Here the children learn, among other things, to read, write and speak English.

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