Thursday, March 8, 2012

Derf in Brussels; Enjoying Time Away From Mary After Reenergising Ski Race on Katja's Birthday

He always looks so much more like a living, breathing person when he is out of the company of his wife, even at a rather serious and somber occasion such as this. Note that the video and a photo belows show the ribbon on the wreath only has Freddles' monogramme, not the joint one with his wife.

Video: Sjællands Nyheder

Announcement: Danish Royal Website

The Crown Prince will visit NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Thursday 8 March 2012 and met with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The Crown Prince then will place a wreath at the monument, donated by Denmark, in honour of the fallen in NATO operations.

The visit to NATO headquarters is combined with a separate visit by NATO's military headquarters in Mons (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, SHAPE) on Friday 9 March 2012. At SHAPE the Crown Prince will meet with the commander of NATO's military forces (Supreme Allied Commander Europe, SACEUR), Admiral Stavridis, and be briefed on NATO's special forces.

The Crown Prince, during the visit to NATO in Brussels and Mons, will be accompanied by Defense Minister Nick Haekkerup.

Photos: John Thys/Scanpix Denmark


  1. Like it! The Derf duo, her and him, is a no go area, joint appearances bring out the worst in him, he has gained stature without the embellishment of the Prada clad clown charging in front of him, and him following like a supernumerary, or a lap dog. Her 'I, Yrma' attitude is a crap manifestation of boganism, she really doesn't seem to know where she stands in the pecking order – it's at the back, behind him!

  2. I guess this is how they've decided to treat the seven years of itching that they've been doing. If so, it's actually a healthy choice that these two separate duties, if not within their marriage. Yrma won't change, but Derfie has a fighting chance if he can be free of that smelly bogan albatross.