Sunday, March 4, 2012

Derf Gets Physical With Pippa Middleton While Mary Extends Holiday in US (with Amber?)

Kudos to all participants, including Freddles, for an impressive achievement. But you know you are the future king of a small country when the Danish press praises your athletic prowess by declaring you the winner of a 90-kilometre cross country ski race because your 43 year old body crossed the finish line several minutes before an under-nourished young woman nearly half your age. Freddo, you're not the only one who is in a better mood when your wife is out of the country - the press is, too. Enjoy it while it lasts! Oh, and James Middleton was there, also. Guess he isn't dating the rich daughter of one of Britain's largest landowners and aristocrats, like sister Pippa is doing with Lord Percy, and therefore not getting any attention. Even Mary can't get this many reporters around her when she steps outside. What the Middletons have may or may not be either scheming or deserved, but they have what Mary couldn't even stand out with at a nun's funeral: charisma, spark, life, lust. No wonder she's probably currently drowning her sorrows over wheatgrass smoothies in Los Angeles with Amber. Maybe a C-list celebrity sittings in Beverly Hills will pick our girl up.

Article: Berlingske

Crown Prince Frederik Overtook Pippa Middleton

At 08:00am the oldest, longest and biggest cross-country skiing in the world, Vasaløbet, was launched by the Swedish Prince Carl Philip. The fastest skier was at the finish around 11.40am - Crown Prince Frederik swept over the line three hours later, at number 5793 with the time of 6:36:32. It was all in all a really good race for the Danish crown prince:

"It was fantastic. The nature was wonderful. This is the best sporting event I have been involved. And with an end time I could never dream of," a happy crown told, immediately after the finish line was crossed.

Royal battle

Crown Prince Frederik was in direct royal battle against the British duchess Catherine's sister, Pippa Middleton, who also participated in the race. Frederik secured Danish bragging rights in the 90-kilometer cross-country competition when he crossed the line almost 40 minutes before Pippa Middleton.

Photos: Jonathan Nackstrand and Ulf Palm


  1. LOL, this morning Good Morning America mentioned that Pippa was in a ski race, no mention of Derf.

  2. Wow, James Middleton looks a lot like Uncle Gary! The Goldsmith genes run strong in him! Hopefully he doesn't have the same taste for coke and whores.