Monday, March 19, 2012

Yrma Shows Support to Children's Conference; Alienates Actual Children

Again, no strong Danish press interest in much that Madam is doing these days. Could it be in large part because while she can be counted on to be awakened by her Lady's Maid, primped by Søren, given her daily blade of wheatgrass for breakfast and driven to the event by one of her chauffeurs, the lady is just a gussied up empty shell. This morning's event took Yrma to an event celebrating the focus in Europe on childhood. The theme is child poverty, but it is Madam who demonstrates the most poverty. The two flower girls - as usual - were left in the wake of Donaldson graces confused and stunned. Even the poor woman who organised the event has taken on Madam's chicken anus expression. Mary is one person who does not make anyone else around her feel cared about, attentioned or loved. These sorts of events no longer counts as a nice try, Mary. You are at a point where you are doing more damage than good. The question is: when will the DRF take note and pull back on her again? If hubris continues to reign in Denmark, the peasants will soon be storming the walls of Amalienborg!

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess will open the Social and Integration Ministers' conference "Europe de l'Enfance" at Hotel Scandic, Vester Søgade 6, Copenhagen, at 9:20 am.

Photos: Torkil Adsersen/Scanpix 2012

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