Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Charles & Camilla in DK: Derfie The Boy and Charles The Man

Not much to say here, the press didn't hardly even pay attention to the blokes given that the gals were over on the set of The Killing. Just look at the difference in interaction, body language, empathy, kindness and connection to others in Charles and Freddles. Derfie just pales in comparison to Charles. Derfie will never be the royal that Charles is and this visit to a senior centre just proves it with photos. Look at the photo of the walkabout (a very un-Danish event), Fred is in the background, totally recessed into the scrum of gray men, Charles is turned to and engaged with the crowds.

Just think of the turmoil that has been visited upon the British Royal Family over the past twenty years: the separation and divorce of the future king from his very popular wife and the latter's untimely death, the queen having to pay taxes, the shrinking of the Civil List, the "fake Sheikh" event, the insistence that distant cousins start paying market price for the former grace and favour homes. Couple all that with social events from the same time period: the introduction of the internet, global financial booms and busts, great divides between the haves and have nots, the Murdoch media empire imploding in disgrace.

Yet, against conventional wisdom and with enormous courage to be forward-moving, the royals have come out on top. Some of what has helped is in the distance from pain that time brings, some of it is in the remarkable aging of the monarch, and her grandchildren reaching majority as older members of the family reach mortal end. But mostly, the royals have seemed to say to themselves, if we are going to serve, we must do so without distraction from but with lessons from the past, and not being its slave, embrace the world as it exists. What we have is a fairly modern and functional family of hereditary privilege who are consistant in their goals to better Britain. It is ironic, indeed, but in one of those funny twists in the rules of nature, such as that all babies are the most beautiful baby in the world (even the ugly ones). If only Denmark would demand better of its highest representatives.

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